Hi I'm a 79year-old man and have had c o p d for over 30years and know exactly what you're going through.I know you have heard all this before but in the main it works.Listen to your own body,sit down and relax and try to breathe as normal as possible,In through the nose out of the mouth If you have a lot of flegm get some carbacisten from doc's it helps a lot.Only use steroids if you're lung is inflamed if not keep away from them.Try to go with the flow,if you can't do something don't.consider more what is best for you.After all this time with rotten lungs weak heart and arthritis I'm still in there batting.YOU CAN DO IT.

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  • Wise words. x

  • Thanks for that gives me hope.

    Kim xx

  • Wise and comforting words at a time when they are much needed. Thank you !

  • Well said and long may you continue. xxxx

  • Hi it's very heartening to hear of someone who has lived with COPD for such a long time. It gives us all hope so thank you very much. May you go on for many more years x

  • Thanks - keep battling :)

  • Thank you that is so heartening - I am a great believer in 'listening' to my body only sometimes situations demand more - sometimes more than I should have given and I usually pay for it - last time by a nearly 2 week stay in hospital - so I will keep the 'faith' and am so pleased you are still around to remind us to be kind to ourselves - thank you - and may you be around for many, many more years xx

  • Wow ......your an inspiration. Your words will help so many.

  • Thanks so much for that - so inspirational and good to know someone who has had COPD for 30 years and still going..........

  • Wow, just the fact youve had COPD for so long and still going gives us all hope. Thank you for that post.

  • thirty years is a long time, some how you have managed alot of up and downs. you have probably given so many a better out look myself included. any thoughts on how you cope will be read by many. thank you and stay well.

  • Thank you for bringing your wise, and comforting words to us. Words can be do powerful, and you have proved that. As you can see, you have touched many of us, and given us boost of hope.

    Wishing you health, peace, and love.

  • Algi-I Well done to you sir. I am overwhelmed as many others are by worries about breathing, jobs, how I can cope in the future, lungs getting worse, steroid inhaler effects, and this damp cold time of year we are having. It is good to hear from people like yourself. Keep posting your advice. The only thing is that the phlegm medication (mine is called Mucodyne, but it is the same as yours) does nothing for me at all. Zilch.... The GP told me to give it up. My lungs are blocked up and it only comes up if I lie flat on my back and start coughing or at 3am thereabouts after I have eaten anything with dairy in it during the previous day. And dairy makes me nauseous as I have acid reflux disease too!

    Keep your positive advice coming though, we all need it. I know I do.

    x Stillmovin

  • Very encouraging thank you and long may you continue coping

  • A wow from me to ! Thanks for the inspiration ! :)

  • Thank you alg-I I have passed the ten year marker and after a couple of serious infections and ending up in hospital I am glad to say I'm getting on with life. I have been very lucky to meet our first beautiful great granddaughter. She is only eleven days old and a joy for all of us. I can look forward now after reading all you have shared with us. Battle on for all of us xx

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