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Thanks for a great post Parvati!

Your response to the 'Prolonging Life' post was great! You addressed lots of the issues people have. It was good to read about having a positivity to life.

Tues, and Wed, morning, I forgot my own Mantra:- Never Look Back! The Future is Ahead! and I became fairly down. Having a Positive Mental Attitude is what I always advocate, but some people find it very difficult to is the 'glass half empty' and the 'glass half full' scenario.

When my husband asked why I was suddenly very cheery, I really did not have an answer, but it did feel great to be more positive generally. Where did it come from? I have no idea, but I was looking around at my P.R. course and thinking that I was not suffering as badly as some others. Maybe it does us good every now and again to remind ourselves that there are people so much worse than ourselves.

Thanks for cheering me up!

Lolly. x


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