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Hi all, I have had a 'chest infection' for 3 weeks now. Have had Amoxycillin 500mg 3 x daily for 7 days and Clarythromicin 250mg 2 x daily for 7 days. I am three days into Prednisolone 5mg x 6 daily for 5 days. At what point should I be seeing an improvement? I am still coughing for England and bringing up yellow phlegme. I can't lie down at night to sleep and have varying degrees of shortness of breath { all of which are stopping me from going out, upstairs, lifting etc. My chest is tight and I am wheezy! I do not normally have asthma and did not have a cold prior to this! Any advice or input would be gratefully received .

From One desperate to breathe normally, without coughing, lady x

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  • Good afternoon - I care for my husband who has severe COPD. I would have expected to have seen an improvement if it were him by now especially three days into steroids. Are you still on antibiotics? But I would also say that if he gets an infection sometimes it can three or four courses of antitbiotics to clear it. Perhaps you should telephone the BLF helpline and ask the nurses their advise. Good Luck and wishing you a speedy recovery, TAD xx

  • Thanks for your advice x

  • Sounds bad, very bad , if it was me I'd feel like chopping my head off :( ! it's over a year now since I had to have AB's and Preds thank heaven, but when I get anything I usually have to do two weeks medication before feeling any better, the cough I'd try various over the counter stuff and I'd be drinking plenty of water and lots of warm elderflower cordial with manuka honey in it, that would ease your throat and help with the cough. I'm a stickler for the old ways and I'd try eating vitamin rich foods,plenty veg,fruit.. ( feed a cold, starve a fever ) chicken, fish, and lots of treats..Plenty of fresh air but keep a scarf over your nose and mouth and warm clothing.....CD's a good book, plenty of rest.. Most important, say 'every day in every way its getting better and better...' I hope you feel much much better soon, dr.huff xxxx

  • It feels bad, very bad! The SOB is a pain but it is the cough that is driving me mad. Gives me pins and needles type sensation in my chest and brain. Feels like I am going to pass out.. I have been doing much of what you recommend but have no appetite at the moment. Thank you for responding Dr, Huff x

  • You have my sincere sympathy when I have a cough, I tend to turn into something from a horror movie and throw up,without expecting to,if you know what I mean... it's a nightmare....just thought have you tried sucking 'Zubes'? you can get them in 'HomeBargains'.....they seem to help I think :) chicken soup good, just have to swallow it, sending virtual hug! dr.huff x

  • Have you had a sputum test to see what you are growing, your Doctor should be sending a sample off to the lab so they can prescribe the right antibiotic. Good luck. x

  • Hi, thanks. Yes sputum sample sent and more bloods taken today. Maybe a bit wiser by next week x

  • Hi booby, I am sorry you are feeling so unwell, I think you should make another appointment with your only have two more days of prednisilone left. Can you take a sputum sample with you so it can be checked and you can be given the right antibiotic.

    I would phone the BLF helpline today too.

  • Thanks for replying. I am going to see the Doc on Friday. I did end up going to hospital on Saturday and had a chest x ray and bloods taken, They said I had a bacterial and a viral chest infection and gave me alternative antibiotics then. I have never felt so unwell before and nothing seems to be making a difference :o( Will call the helpline and see what they say. Thanks again x

  • Hi there coughing lady :P how rotten for you they can last a while sometimes unfortunately blimming infections and sounds like you have a real corker of one. Dr Huff seems to have covered all the bases nicely.For me when I get that terrible tickle I take a little swig of Covonia Original it doesnt taste very nice but it generally stops the tickle in its tracks,then I suck a soothers or the strong fisherman friends.It allows me to rest a little between the exhausting coughing.Takecare getwell soon hope the doc can help if your still bad come friday. :) Janexx

  • Hi, thank you Jane, I am sipping on covonia and have had a variety of cough and throat sweets, to the point that I am having to visit the loo more often than I should!! If it's not one end, it's the other !! The Doc has just called me saying that he has had the results from the hospital and wants to see me so off I will be going!. Hopefully I am still able to use my lungs by then :o)

    Thank you everyone for your lovely xx

  • I hope he sorts it out for you booby - you look after yourself and wrap up warm.

  • Thank you, me too :o) x

  • you have a nebuliser? that might help

    I have usually taken a couple of months to get over an exerbation....but then I get them all the time...HOWEVER...although they are hard to clear, I do not feel as ill as you do for as long as you have

    Are you doing your breathing exercises...its MOST important to get the mucous off your lungs especially when you have an infection, as that helps to clear the infected gunk out of your lungs

    I do breathing exercises every day...but step them up when I have an infection

    Try to exercise too...walking is especially good helps to get the mucous up as well

    Once you start to get the gunk up your SOB will improve

    So do the huffing and puffing several times a day

    Hope you feel better soon

    Love Sohara

  • Hi Sohara, thanks for messaging. The thing is, I do not suffer from asthma and did not have a cold prior to the infection so generally do not have a condition that is ongoing. So have not been told about breathing exercises. Will certainly give them a go. I have been bringing gunk up for three weeks now! I am sure it will all resolve itself soon. thanks for your help x

  • The huff cough bit of breathing exercises is the most useful for getting the mucous up I give a you tube link below

    Do this several times a MUST get all the mucous you can out of your lungs ....this will definitely help you be less short of breath

  • Thank you for the link Sohara which I found very useful. Joyce

  • I take AT LEAST 3 weeks to improve when I have an infection, so don't get too downhearted! Hope you feel better soon. :)

  • Thanks. I don't usually suffer from chest infections of this magnitude, so is all very inconvenient and tiring x

  • Hello Booby,I usually find that it takes three days for the steroids to start working.Give another day and if not feeling better get yourself back to the doctor and tell them.You might need higher dose or different antibiotic.good luck . D.

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