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Chancing your future

Hi tried contacting relevant lady but my log in wont work..... So forgive me but cant leave this.....Frustrated.

Forgive me lovely lady, you might not want to stop smoking and you have said there is a family history of this illness.

You say you are middle aged and are not so ill right now but surely you would prefer quality of life for as long as possible and NOT risk serious pain and illness.

Please consider your future actions over smoking!

I'm sure you read of other peeps struggle and depression and pain on here.

It seems as if you have family that care, so please will you take care of you! One day you might not have the choice and it would be horrid for you to be then full of sadness over past regrets.

Forgive me but your life is importantxxxxxxxx

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Not quite sure to whom Rockett is referring but agree with all that is said. I am a ex smoker and just hate the smell and the fact that some people let smoking rule their lives. I sound a bit of a prig but I am an ex smoker. I feel that if I can give it up so can anyone else if they put their mind to it. Believe me, it can be done. xx


I agree,up to 5yrs ago I was 30 a day smoker,had pneaumonia 1 winter after. Really bad cold ended up in hosp,never smoked after that,put a bit of weight on ,but my readings now are peak flow550.sats98-99.daily,and no cough I smoked since I was now 64.if I can give up anyone can,do it love


hi Megs64,

you reminded me of when my hubby and l had a great friendship for 8 years, but never stepped over boundary line. We fancied each other madly.One day Me 31, him 47. I looked at him, he at me and we said, shall we, shant we get together?

I said to him ( a 40 aday smoker), NO WAY if you keep smoking! I'm not kissing an ashtray. Two days later, he completley stopped!!!! We had an amazing relationship for 20 years married with a blended family until the day he died of i.p.f. in June.


Sorry what is i p f ?


Hi Megs ipf is idiopathic fibrosis of the lungs.x


Ok thanks love. My late hubby was a smoker but he died 9 yrs ago of a brain tumour


hi pergola, couldnt private message this lady, re: my comment,

she has mild emphesemia, members of her family do have it too and to be honest, it makes me sad, wish she would stop smoking, to take a risk over her life is awful oh my, she could be so ill in the future. Before smokers kick my butt, lm not sayin it is easy!!! Just please lady try and dont have regret.


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