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Alternative aids that work


The one thing I find that helps my lungs produce less gunge and therefore less infections is Queen Bee Manuka Honey 25+ strength I put a spoonful on my porridge. What led me to this I was watching a Yesterday appointment on TV about the civil war there they just packed wounds with a mix of honey and oats before sewing them up and the result no infection. Asked the doc about this and he recommended New Zealand Manuka Honey the type I wrote before. Yes it is an expensive number but I buy in bulk last time it cost me £16+ for 3 340g jars. So £48 plus p&p as against £48 + for some single jars. The main thing is that you have to stick at it not one and miss the next so far I think I am on a winner. Just one word of warning they use this in hospitals as dressings but please don't try that at home hospitals use a specially sterilized version of the stuff.

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I've been taking Manuka honey for some months now....the last lot was on sale at Holland ad Barrett and because a friend went to the shop I had no delivery charge :) Actually, I have used it on a sore on my leg which I have had forever (it seems) and I am sure I have stopped it from becoming an gets smaller and smaller. Don't worry I don't put my fingers in the jar after I have used it on my leg :p I am prepared to try anything to keep lung infections at bay - had so many these past 15 months. :x Stay well!!! :)

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stay well too Louisiana O:)


Our Holland Barret prices were high about £45 the last I looked the site I get mine on at least gives you discount, also it was the strength I could not find at our Holland and Barret all they had was +10. Honey is a good antiseptic for anything what I said about the use in first aid may be ok for major jobies but as a quickie I have even used it on a bad patch of psoriasis

I have a lot of Nodular Prurigo sores on my back and legs, I wonder if it would help with those. My jar is only +5 though.

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no you need 20-25+ at least the link I left above takes you to a discount site.

worth a try poems :) , but it does have to be the strong stuff [or the dear stuff :D ],, i had bad ulcers on the side of my mouth, for long enough, getting worse,, , i got cream off the doc ,but no good,!! but when i took the manuka , i smeared it at night, it was a sticky mess ,, but it cured it in a couple of days :) good luck poems ,, jimmy

i use it every day, the 24+ stuff from holland and barrat,, its buy one get one for a penny,, at £48 cant be bad,, its a lot cheaper than smoking,, jimmy :)

Will certainly give it a try. :-)

Apparently using honey produced near where you were born May have a similar effect,I use Scottish Heather honey to help me sleep/keep me calm( I,m Scottish ) Be well! D.

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