deathbed confession

Becky was on her deathbed with her husband old Tom, maintaining a steady vigil by her side. The warm tears splashed upon her face and woke her from her near death slumber. "my darling tom " she whispered.

"Hush my love" he said .

But she was insistent."I need to confess something to you".

"There,s nothing to confess , don't worry yourself" old Tom said tenderly.

"No, no -i must die in peace. I have been unfaithful to you with your father, your brother and your best friend." she croaked pathetically.

"Hush now, Becky" - dont torment yourself,

"I know all about it" old Tom said,

"Why do you think i poisoned you" :D

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  • Brill. Karma eh. X Sonia x

  • worth a wee laugh sonia :D jimmy xxx

  • LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL still laughing LOLLOLLOL so funny

  • ha ha, glad you had a laugh eyes :D jimmy

  • Hahaha, loved that one Jimmy. xx

  • thanks casp, a wee laugh never did anyone harm :D

    jimmy xxx

  • Brilliant! :d :) cough x

  • worth a wee laugh cough :D,, jimmy xxx

  • Haha, did you make that up yourself Jimmy? Lovely to see you xxx

  • i have to be honest peeg,, no :D but i did re-arrange it a bit to suit :D, thanks peeg xxx

  • it was difficult to type I was laughing so much, brilliant ;-)

  • :D lol

  • aaagh. Trust you jimmy, brilliant. xx

  • :D jimmy xxxx

  • Ha ha! nice one :)

  • nice to have a laugh sirjames, thanks,, jimmy :)

  • Tee Hee

  • :D jimmy

  • very good lol thank you xx

  • thank you undine :) xxx

  • Nice one Jimmy. I have a similar one but this time it's the guy breathing his last.

    Mary and her four sons are gathered round him, three strapping lads and a runty little fellow.

    He says " Mary, I'm going but for my peace of mind, tell me honestly" and he looks at the runt "Is

    he really mine?"

    "John, I swear to you on my oath, he is your son"

    The old feller smiles and floats peacefully away. Mary pats his hand, wipes her eyes and murmurs to herself

    "Thank God he didn't ask about the other three"

  • ha ha ha,,, a cracker drag, mum :D just seen it now ha ha ha,, jimmy

  • Fantasstic ha ha ha!!! :)

  • :D :D jimmy

  • Ha Ha, Good one Jimmy, not heard that one before. Malk.

  • thanks malk,, hope all is well,,jimmy :)

  • Thanks jimmy hope you are well also. Just trying to make our site family feel a little better in life, after all we suffer with this C.O.P.D Malk.

  • glad to hear that malk,, yes trying to make the best of things, thats what its all about really, a wee joke helps us all :)

    take care malk,,jimmy :)

  • That's horrible....and really funny!

  • That's horrible...and really funny!

  • Very funny...horrible!

  • three laughs for the price of one :D thanks vashti :)

  • Absolutely brilliant jimmy, good to see my wee jovial jock back in full fettle. xx

  • thanks suzy,,, your wee jovial jock,,,, is blinken sore :D,,, hope all is well suzy,,, jimmy,:) xxxx

  • ah bless you suzy,, hope you get back to full fettle, as i know your unwell at the moment,, thinking of you suzy,,, love jimmy xxx

  • :D :D :D xxx

  • thanks qb :D ,,, jimmy xxxx :)

  • Funny

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