I haven't been on the sight for some time because I haven't had internet connection. I feel so tired all the time and I think it is because

I only sleep for a couple of hours at a time through the night. get so frightened because Iam actually waking up gasping for breath. this has just started happening the past few months. I was diagnosed with copd in 2012. the result is I am so tired all the time. finding normal everyday tasks like walking to the shops or washing the dishes a real struggle. do you think this is down to my copd.x

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  • Hi it could be or possibly sleep apnoa. Check out the linl.


    coughalot x

  • Hiya I would agree with coughalot it could be sleep apnea .time to see the docs don't leave it. Yes this copd certainly takes it's toll on us.Dont stop doing though is so important that we push are selves and keep our fit levels up. Takecare let us know how you get on please. :) janexx

  • Yes Nat..that and Stress.....being alone is the hardest part this disease, But...all you can do and will do is..keep being you... and yourself will Never let your self down.. Megan...

  • It would be best to see your GP. Waking up gasping for breath, fatigue and tiredness can also be caused by other health issues , not necessarily your Copd.

    Good luck;:)

  • I have sleep apnea and have a machine forcing air and o2 down my throat each each night. Speak to your consultant are you on o2. Strange that although I have air and o2 during the night, when I wake up my SATs are very low around 75. But definitely see someone.

  • Better if you consult your doctor ! All the best ...you will come out of it soon !

  • Defo see your doctor. It does sound like Sleep apnoea I am waiting for another test as I have this on occasions and have not slept well for the last 6 years!

    Be Well

  • Hi I just read your post I really think you should ask to be tested for sleep apnea, I have copd I also have sleep apnea which only allows me to sleep a couple of hours at a time and wake up gasping for air sleep apnea is very common but does need to be treated I am on oxygen overnight now so I don't wake up gasping for air but there are other treatments, please don't leave it as it is a strain on your heart, good luck firework

  • Good Morning, It is so horrible to be tired all the time. Please go to your doctor and explain - many COPD patients also suffer with sleep apnea so it could be that or perhaps your oxygen levels are dropping very low at night. Either way dont wait please go to your doctor. It might be an idea before you go to ring the BLF nurses and ask their advise especially about what to expect from your doctor. Lots of luck and let us know how it goes, TAD xx

  • These are the symptoms that I had two years ago. During a blood test doctors found out that I had a feratin level (the amount of iron in your blood stream.) of 2400. After venesection treatment my level is down to 400. I feel alot better now with no drowsyness and plenty of energy. I have also been diagnosed as having COPD. Suggest getting your blood checked out for feratin levels.

  • As others say, please see your doctor or consultant asap.

    It could be as suggested or it could simply be that your Inhalers need adjusting so you can breath at night but you need to see someone.

    I too get more breathless in the night and do some breathing exercises to get my sats up but I'm not gasping. It must be very scary.

    Firework is right, if your sats (oxygen in your blood) are low it will not only make you very tired but extra strain on your heart.

    BLF helpline: 03000 030555 9-5 Mon-Fri

    All the best to you

  • GO to your Doctor NOW. As the others have said, it sounds like you have Sleep Apnoea. I have COPD and Sleep Apnoea, I'm on O2 24/7 and use a CPAP machine in the night to keep airways open. If you are diagnosed with OSA, when you try the CPAP machine you will feel a difference after one night. The mask can be a bit frightening at first, but persevere, it will work..There are many different masks to try.

    Please go ASAP, you will feel do much better!

    Good luck. Kathy

  • Get your self to your doctors and ask to be refured to the clinic in your local hospital, they will sort you out and put you on the rite track, please go. I have asme very bad and i am on my own went to my doctors then to my hospital who have been great. Ann Gordon

  • It can also be caused by not exercising enough....it's a long very slippery slope. You pick up an infection, feel like death warmed up and your family and friends rally to help. Ever little job they do for you, helps you but also hinders you. I struggled bending down to put my socks on and fasten my shoes and so my wife did it for me. However, I never claimed the job back and so she carried on dutifully putting my socks on and tying my laces...I had reverted back into a second childhood until I decided enough was enough. I can tell you I went some pretty colours getting them socks on, ended up struggling to get one on and then waiting ten minutes to try the other one. Shoes were a little easier because I put my foot on a stool and tied one and then ten minutes later the other one. I got so annoyed with myself, I said I was a cross dresser. However, I have claimed the job back along with a lot more...I just pace myself. The same applies to exercise....you have to gain it back, little by little. I am not talking about the gym, Heaven forbid, I'm allergic to the smell of sweat, especially mine, no I mean chair based. pop bottles with water in...anything that you can progress forward. Breathing exercises....they fit in well. If you find going upstairs hard, before you take your first step, spend a couple of minutes concentrating on breathing from your diaphragm, after all you wouldn't go on a car journey of 300 miles without filling the fuel tank first. Then, when you have filled up with good clean air, as you put your foot on the first tread, breath in and when you land up with both feet on that tread, blow the air out, breath in again and step up. Now going upstairs is an exercise both for you and your lungs. Just take your time before doing household things, control your breathing, pace yourself and get the job done. Then when you sit down because you are tired, it will be because you are tired. Cut out the cat naps in the chair, try to fit into your routine aan hour or so lying on the bed in the afternoon....but no sleeping. You are there for "me" time, to relax and allow your body fluids to drain away from your ankles and back into your body where they should be....result, no swollen ankles, legs that feel like lead or water tablets. That's it. Just slowly progress yourself at your own pace....set up a target to aim for, daily, weekly and monthly and you are on your way back. When you set your targets be realistic, you don't want what I had written once on my school report " Brian always sets himself a very low target and always manages never to achieve it"...Good luck and get some of your good habits back.

  • I also have COPD and being tired all the time is part of COPD I could sleep for 23 hours and still wake up tired and getting out of bed is very difficult but I would go and see your GP about your breathing.

  • Ha, Thats the thing with this site Nataly you have to be quick to get a reply, everyone wants to help. " bless them one nd all". no point in me saying anything its all been said and the good advice given, cant fault any of the comments, just upto you now to take the advice. it does sound as if you levels are dropping during the night, and with you getting so little sleep your body is fighting its self. hope you feel much better soon lol Malk.

  • Yes the Copd, makes e extremely tired too

  • It could also be insomnia or pernicious anemia. I have both. Have a read at Boots.co.uk. Lots of good advice. Sandra from Scotland

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