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Mranxious11Mranxious11 3 minutes ago 0 Replies

Im a 21 year old male, not very athletic, used to be, don't eat very healthy. Have had lower back problems since high school on and off. Been having trouble breathung latley, when I breathe sometimes through my mouth theres like a flapping or ratteling that comes from the back or my throat that I can't really control. I don't know if something is inflamed or swollen, could be my epiglottis. I also have this dull pain coming from the right side of my back where my lung would be, I think. I don't know if I have a tumor or what could be making it feel the way it does, I've had back problems so it may just be that and the nerves are stressed. Any have an suggestions? I also get really bad anxiety about it and hyperventilate which makes me think I have worse breathing problems

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Evening and welcome.

First thing you need to do is not panic and go and see your doctor. You probably have a little infection have you had a cold or cough lately, and your breathing could be because your anxious. But we are always here to talk to, but you need to see your G.P find out what's going on.

Good luck

Kim xx


Hi I agree with kimmy59 yer you need to talk to your doctor YES stress will play havoc with ya breathing flem mucus infection can cause popping flapping sound's and pain

You have age on your side truth is there is 101 thinks could be and your not alone we all have thought the worse at some point

Yer ad have chat to your doc ... Cheers wishing you well


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