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This one's just for Coughalot1

When I was a little bitty boy

Somebody gave me this funny looking toy

It wasn't silver

It wasn't on a string

And it certainly didn't go ding-a-ling-a-ling

It was round and made a sound

And it went round and round and round

When you pushed it's funny little knob

It screamed like a banshee

But it didn't scare me

'Cos I got me Dad's big hammer


Boy did I get into trouble, but what's new about that, Now't

Q. What was it?

P.S This is just a memory from my childhood

Azaard poet 'o' the North

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A top


yep 9/10 for that Rib, hope yer doin ok!!


Woke up with a shock had slept through the alarm, well was annoyd, didnt get to sleep till this morning. I had a very grumpy son to get up. Phew he just made it in time for lift to college.

Sat down with a cuppa, put on hu, and really enjoying the jokes. Thank YOU Both!


Your more than welcome :)


Aw never had my own poem before. Thank you Az I am still laughing :) :) :) xxx


Don't laugh to hard, 'cos you'll fall off the Bar Stool, :P Your round next, mines a pint of slops and Nin's is whatever is alcoholic and comes in a glass ROFLMAO XXXX :P :P :P :P :) :O


I remember them a spinning top as _RibvanRey said - you pressed the knob on the top and it spun madly around and made a noise - guess they do not have them now - too simple for modern kids expect - good fun though. Thanks for the memory. xx


Great fun they were, but do you remember a pig and a poke :)


only as the saying - not as a game?


A lovely spinning top. Happy days.



they certainly were, and hide and seek in the coal hole :)


Yow ad a cowl owl an awl. Dow say yowm from the black country.



Nice one iamnins, brill'.

I knew an old goat named iamnins

It got stuck on a big pile of pins

When it tried to complain

It was told to refrain

Goats are just meant to bear pain!

What a cruel streak I must have!

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Well done. Brilliant. Rib


Not as bad as mine, but I do try to be nice :)

Thank you for your little ditty

Sounded great and very pretty

I'm always in order

till I'm over the border

But they ain't got pins

they're blinkin' Thistles

The AzMan :) :O

Poet 'o' North


I Remember those humming tops. We also used to play Whip and Top in the school yard, we use to use coloured chalks to make designs on the Tops that would look good as they were spinning, then wrap the whip cord around the Top and puttimg one knee on the Top you would pull the whip cord fast to release the Top and to keep it spinning you could whip it to make it go faster. Sounds crazy actually describing it but we loved them, very cheap entertainment!


Remember them well, Just like hopscotch till you crack your ankle spinning on number 10. Whatever you do don't give Nin the chalk, it'll be all over the backyard. :D


Wonderful Times! remember the coloured elastic bands we tied together to make huge elastic bands and we played a game of huge cats cradle sort of thing. and when bored with that we would play 2 Balls against a wall for hours on end, amazing all of those games have disappeared now, at least I have never seen them since.


:D all good fun,,,, i never heard that for a long time,," hiding in the coal hole" lol,,,,in fact had many happy times there, off course someone was hiding with me ha ha,,,, shes an old woman now!!! :D,,,,,jimmy


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