Morning everyone, forgive if this post is somewhere but it disappearing on me. Thanks for all your kindness to me on Friday.

Just to let you know the party went well. We had music from the 60,70,80's.

One of our children came and took control of the bbq, said dad woulnt want burnt offerings.

Today we are relaxing in the garden as weather sunny.

Take care everyone today xx

7 Replies

  • Sounds great - so lovely to have a family around you. Have a nice day today (weather here in Norfolk very very pleasant) :)

  • The weather is good here too; pleased you had a good day.x

  • lovely and sunny here too, have a wonderful day :)

  • Great to hear,so glad you enjoye d the day,& had your family around you xxx

  • That's brill rocket, so glad it all went well with ur family around u. Take care Sonia xxx

  • Families are a great comfort during trying times. Daughter has just been in with her family - such a help. xx

  • Lovely to hear you had such a great time xxx

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