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Well I have not really put much on here of Latebut I thought I would let you know how I have got on with my new treatment with Xolair. This is a drug used to treat Asthmatics with the view of reducing the allergic reaction to things. The only problem is it is administered at the hospital by injection. well I passed the trial period where my lung function increased from 29% to 42% which is really great. the only problem now is I keep thinking I am super woman and try to do things much beyond my means.

I go to the health circuits classes each week and I am getting stronger ( I can now push 2 kilo wight instead of 1K! I try to go swimming once a week.

So with all this untapped energy I thought I would join the Gym so I could use the Facility when ever I wanted.

this week I had the opportunity to use the gym and thought I could do a Pilates class as well.

Well I walked in the treadmill for half and hour at a reasonable pace ( felt slightly odd when I got off but OK) had a sit down for half an hour then joined the Pilates class well I tried to keep up and tie myself into peculiar knots and shapes whilst continuing to breathe deeply and pull up my pelvic floor and engage my core muscles.

All I can say is I felt sick giddy and most peculiar so instead of finishing the class I just lay on the floor watching everyone else.

It took hours to wear off and tonight I feel the same again ( perhaps it is just a Flash BAck!!!!)

I think I might take it easy this week end!

hope you are all trying to keep fit Best wishes Irene

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All I can say is like you I thought I would step up my exercises - well to be honest, start exercising :) So I walk most days now and have done so for about 5 weeks. Just recently done a six mile hike and after that was limping about with a swollen ankle. Its just gone down a bit so we did 4 miles today and yes .........swollen ankle - well of course - what do I expect, I havn't exercised since god was a lad so I guess I overdid it :) :)

I think I might take it easier right along with you :)

I think we both need to take life a little slower Best wishes Irene

Hi Hopetorun. It's great to hear of a drug doing what they hope it will do. No wonder you are feeling so full of beans.

As for the sickly feelings you've had, a lot of well people would struggle with all that excercise. It sounds to me like you've just overdone it. Take time to build up more slowly and well done. x

I have decided just to do one or the other not both!

Wow,how brilliant that drugs working for you! You have done amazingly well,but please take it a bit slower,don't wreck the good job you've done! xx

considering what I was like a year ago and not being able to walk any where at all I have come along way. I think smaller steps are required. Irene

Woah - thats some exercising!!! I would feel "sick, giddy" if I had attempted that lot! Did you eat properly and keep your blood sugars up, did you drink lots of water? Maybe a more moderate approach?? Take good care, TADxx

Hi TAd I think I just over did it, i will keep trying but maybe not doing quite so much! thanks Irene

Fantastic but remember the old adage 'Slow but steady'

Yes a bit more tortoise and a little less hare!

Hey superwoman, you are bursting with energy and that's lovely. Be a bit more "gradual" in your effort and you won't be so giddy next time. I would choose the gym indeed ( I do one hour three times a week). I couldn't do Pilates following the exercises. Do either one or the other. I find that 4 minutes on the bike is enough and them I go on all the equipment. I just do one hour, and I do stop when I become short of breath just to avoid any giddiness.

Here's one to do if you are ever really short of breath:

Good luck , you are doing so well. Keep it up, but with gentleness for your body. You will gain in endurance. It takes about 6 months. Post your progress here, well done!

Thanks helingmic Thanks for the encouragement I think I will just have to be more patient it is just when you feel so well you just want to fly!!!! Well do a bit more any way. many thanks best wishes Irene

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