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I've been dealing with alot of breathelessness and shortness of breathe. It makes my anxiety spike which in turn makes it worse. I have labored breathing, when I breathe In there's almost like a snoring/ ratteling sound that come from my throat area, anyone have this or had experience? Doctor said my lungs sound fine but I just don't know. I'm only a 21 year old male

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Hi, it sounds as if you have mucus in your chest and throat,maybe your coming down with a chest infection,if not then you need mucadyne that will break up the phlem.Tablets are also call carboceistine this thins the mucus out so its easier to cough up.Also drink plenty fluid..Hope this helps.Regards Laura x

Also if you suffer with Anxiety,ask the dr for Lorazapan,which are great to stop panic attacks when you can;t breathe.All the best Laura x

ask for xray . that will put mind at rest

Porche is that sold over the counter?

Porche is right sounds like a mucus build up have you had a cold or cough lately, or it could just be anxiety and your panicking which makes you feel like you cant breathe and that your throat is closes up.


Yes I just got over a cold, and just quit smoking cigarettes. But this has been going on for a while

What does your doctor say?

I think you have to see your g.p hun for tabs..If you have given up smoking it can take weeks sometimes months for that clearing of the throat to go..I gave up many moons ago,and a little tip an old lady gave me was to drink lemon juice in some water..

when I gave up I coughed for months,as its the chest clearing itself!! I am glad you have given up well done,I am in Gold stage Emphysema ..Take care hun x

Do you get a runny nose when eating if so, it may well be your sinus's ? I drink hot lemon with honey when it is in my throat.

Be Well

You sound how I used to sound before I had 2weeks of IV ab in the RBH and just before being discharged one of the physios suggested that I had sinus issues, I never thought I had as I wasn't aware of any symptoms, apart from the mucus always seemed to be in my throat so she suggested I take beckonase nasal spray before bed. And although I'm on ab daily (doxycycline) I've only had one chest infection since beginning of February after being discharged. As the Physio pointed out that mucus from the nasal area can drip down on to your chest causing infection it makes sense to me that this was either the cause or a huge contributory factor to my two years of constant chest infections prior to my stay in the RBH. Hope this helps and I hope you feel better soon. Big hugs. Kissi :)

You're right, spores from post nasal drip plus spores or droplets from acid stomach can get into the airways causing havoc.

We don't realise until too late that there's no escape from the crap we breath in - unlike our stomach where everything passes through :)

Stay well. P

I find hot drinks better than cold to ease mucus good luck with the no smoking, x

Hi, I've had poor sinuses since my 20's. Exacerbated by wine and some other alcohol. Over the years I found mushrooms, blue cheese, grapes, raisins etc caused the same problems along with tum probs. took me years to work out I was allergic to anything fungal, fermented or yeasty. By then my sinuses in a right old mess causing dreadful headaches. I've taken steroidal nasal spray years now for allergic rhinitis.

As others say, it's vital to drink loads (not coke or fizzy stuff)! You need to keep well hydrated to get everything fluid & flowing well.

I'm not suggesting this is what you have btw, just sayin, there are loads of things that can cause excessive mucus in sinuses giving you post nasal drip which in turn makes you cough a lot which in turn can cause inflammation of the airways.

It might be time to go to the GP and explain you're worried. You may even have asthma or allergic ashma.

Good luck. P

Get an over the counter product called Mucinex. Get a 30 day pk (usually $20. - $25.) Take it for the 30 days & if You're still experiencing the symptoms You've mentioned here then tell Your Doctor to check again. I am a 58 year young female with COPD Emphysema & I experience what You've described every morning when I 1st get up. I have to take Mucinex, Spiriva, Symbocort & nebulize with albuterol sulfate inhalation solution just to get up & make the coffee. Bless Your Heart. I'll Pray for You. :D

Try filling a bowl with boiling hot water. Place your face over the top of the bowl as close as safety will allow, cover your head with a towel and breath in the steam. Add a tiny drop of 'Olbas' oil from any chemist to the boiling water and breath in. Few Doctors will recommend this as it contravenes recent health and safety but it works and has been used for generations. Best of luck with it. Its the only method that works for me at 3am when I am trying to get relief so I can get some sleep!

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