Feeling weak

Feeling weak

Hi everyone its been a few days since i last ckd in..i have a very odd cough. It feels bizarre when i cough like its comng from the chest and im unable to stop it...whooping cough ? Naa cant be but im trying to stop the smoking and i kno my life rides on the decision to quit. I went 5 days w/o and the urge was overwhelming ..yes virginia it will eventually kill me ive conceded to the fact but why arent i strong enough ? What i need to do is see my doc (my appts in 10 days...)...chantix is probably the answer as many of the folks in here have advised....so im also feeling very weak .i am lethargic and im having trouble just putting my socks on...feeling like its hard to stay awake also..ive slept alot cz my body is screaming sleep....breathingwise im ok for now...its strange cz its usually breathing problems first then feeling tired second. Now the cart is before the horse....weird to say the least. I am in a strange position.. so i have to try my best and recover cz i must go to work tomorrow..i have fri off...anyone kno why the weakness ?

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  • Hi Jimmy. A lot of ppl cough more when trying to stop smoking. Regards Rib

  • Hi Jimmy, If you go on to the quit support community ,you will get lots of advice about how your body is when you first quit. :)

  • Hi jimmy if ur like me and many others the weakness and fatigue is cuz ur body is having to work much harder to do the normal daily tasks thus resulting in feeling exhausted. I have no upper body strength at all, lifting or carrying anything is a real struggle and makes me more breathless, I've done rehab and arm exercises but with no improvement, but I will keep up trying, not always easy but if I don't try I might aswel give up altogether and I'm not prepared to do that, and everyone on here has given me the strength to keep up the fight. Take care x Sonia x

  • Hi Ji

    My - I just write you a reply n it didn't seem to have "posted" - essentially I congratulate on quitting for 5 days it proves you can do it - try again and keep off the cigs they are not your friend . I think it's common for your cough to get worse when quitting as your body is trying to expel excess mucous - drink plenty of water and take some honey to sooth your throat - believe in yourself be kind to yourself and don't inhale any more nicotine - best of luck

  • I had to find the sort of water that doesn't scratch my throat. I found that Caledonian naturally fizzy helps my throat and I don't cough so much. I keep a bottle by my bed side; so if I wake up I have a sip to stop my throat from drying. You need to lubricate that throat. Hope it helps.

  • theyworkforyou.com/wrans/?i...

    This is from Hansard - the varenicline is marketed as chantix. Please don't give up on "giving up" it's the best thing you will ever do. I switched to e-cigs in 2010 and it was painless and I've never smoked since.

    I just hope this link works - not very good with computers!!

  • Sorry - as I thought the link is incomplete, which is a shame because it gives the "serious incident" rates of various therapies and is a reply by Jane Ellison, Under Secretary of State for Health to David Davies MP:

    Varenicline (Chantix) 297

    NRT (Gums Patches etc) 75

    E-cigarettes 5

    Have posted this info. in case you, like a lot of other people, are worried by Press scaremongering - as you can see e-cigs pose the least problems.

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