Ollie Schnauzer

Ollie Schnauzer

We returned last weekend from a great few days in & around Newcastle. We collected Ollie from his carer; he was fine but by Monday he had a large abscess on his foot, the 2nd in 3 weeks. The vet took him into hospital & carried out an exploratory operation because they found evidence of thickened tissue in his foot & leg; this has been sent for an histology report. We just have to wait for 10 days to hear the outcome.

The poor lad is on painkillers & antibiotics; plus the hateful collar to stop him licking his wounds. Ollie is rallying & been for a short walk this morning.

I love dogs & the Veterinary services; any problems instantly on the ball. I had to wait 18 weeks before I saw a Consultant who diagnosed my cancer. makes you think!


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  • It sure does Margaret it sure does it is comming to something that we are now living in a state where health care is hard to come by unless of course you have money. Anuerin Bevins dream of a health service that started from point of delivery seems to be hanging in the balance with talks of a two tier health system for our grand children at least. Hope Ollie makes a recovery and the histology sample comes to nothing sinister.

  • Thanks ant64. We share a similar experience, I was a mental health social worker for older people & adults of working age but I wonder how they draw this distinction now? Mx

  • I was a residential social worker for adolescents all my working life with the word forensic tagged on as most of my work was done hand in glove with the probation services we did cross the mental health boundary some of the time but thankfully we kept them out of hospitals which were then the old Victorian institutes, to me no place for some one who was struggling to grow up.

  • Aww, Ollie...do get well soon x

    I hope Margaret that the test results have a favourable outcome for him.

    With regard to the waiting time between the vet and your consultant maybe we should all register with the former - wonder what a vet would make of us all? :D Lovelight x

  • Thank you & fingers crossed. Margaretx

  • bostonbakedbonz.com/images/...

    Get well soon Ollie. xx

  • What a lovely card Jillygirl, thank you from us both. x

  • hope your on the mend very soon Ollie xxxxx

  • Thank you from me & Ollie. x

  • All the best ollie. X Sonia x

  • Ollie & I say thank you Sonia. x

  • Hope Ollie is feeling better soon love xxxx

  • Oh poor Ollie.Bet he's glad you're home.Do Hope the results are good for him.

    As for vets working faster,I don't know if I want to go to one,he might say I need putting down lol! Let us know how Ollie gets on,do Hope you had a good holiday xx

  • Good point tho Wens, at least animals don't have to suffer a long time like humans do xxx

  • Oh, Ollie! I know how you must hate that collar but your mistress is doing all she can to make you feel better! (This is my way of talking to dogs and animals in general, hope you don't mind)!!!! Hope he feels better soon and the histology report is a good one! Take care.


  • Thanks to all for your replies & well wishes. Don't worry June, I also talk to animals in a similar way. i like to think we communicate well with each other but using a different language. x

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