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can any one give me advice


hello i have a problem im stage 4 copd the last 8months i have got very deppressed and gone into my self,i dont go out ive stoped going to the drs the worst of all ive stopped seing my consultent,i have promised myself to get back to my normal self for my lovley famliy,it st started when my legs and hands started to realy ache then i found lumps going down my left hand side,please can some one give me some advice im in the west country area please help me

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lm so sorry moondancer, when your so low it is so difficult. Please dont give up on life, please do not feel guilty for the feelings and desperation you feel. Only as the wife of someone that was suffering, all l wanted was for him to know l to wanted him to know I was there and would of done everything in my power to help. He never, ever needed to worry about me loving him, or too feel guilty. All l wanted for was him to share his hopes, fears, and pain. As l knew it anyway, l just did not want him to shut me out... I cannot hug you and your family,l dont know if you have a wife/husband? but l do hope on this site you find help and support.Take care

Hello Moondancer depression needs help just as much as COPD just take courage from knowing there are so many others just like you and you have taken the good step in coming on this site where so many people ask advice and also more importantly give help too. Remember you are never alone, talk to your family, do go and see your GP and Consultant they are there for you. As a previous reply says 'all things pass' .Do you have any spiritual help? do you belong to a Christian Community, someone there will come alongside you and listen to your fears. I promise you I will pray for you as it is a well known fact that people who are prayed for do better. Remember you are a special person who is loved.

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thankyou sabi-barb i have had a good rest after writing my post my husband sugested i went to rest as i felt so emotional,yes i am usualy very spiritual pray a lot latley i havnt been praying which is not like me,i do feel better mentaly this is not a nice desease at all thankyou so much for replying im a bit taken back buy all the replys im deffinatly not on my own,you are all a lovley understanding group of people take care

hello rocket777 thankyou so much for your kind words i wrote how i truley felt i frightened my self i didnt realise i had become so down,thankyou so much for replying back,big hugs

Hi moondancer, you are doing ok. The fact that you take time to reply back, means you are amazing! We are all here, today lm very sad but lm so pleased to turn to a site, where many folk do not know each other, but, feel safe to talk.big hugs to you all.xx

Moondancer you need never feel alone on here. Most of us have been in the dark place you are. Please see your Doctor and ask for help. It isn't an admission of failure rather courage and strength. Please do it. You are in my thoughts and prayers xx

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thankyou suzy6 this coming week im going to see the dr,im overwelmed with all of the replys,brave courages people

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Well done moondancer that's brave and the right action. Stay with us here and talk often xx


Hi moondancer, I'm so sorry ur feeling so low, plz go to ur gp he shud be able to help, and I'm glad u sed u want to be ur normal lovely self for ur family but try and do it for urself aswel, I know it's hard I have my down times to, but my family love me not my illness and in amongst all the crap we are still in there , the person we used to be b4 the illness, we all know what it's gonna do but give it ur best , and no we can't beat it but we can be on par with it and give it a damn good run for it's money. Sending big hugs and hope u feel better soon. Love x Sonia x


Moondancer first may I say what such a nice handle you gave yourself, depression I am sorry is part and parcel of COPD and you are so advanced but please you are not alone on here I have and I think we all have been in the dark abyss of despair you find your self in right now, what have you got in this world well to quote you a very nice lovely family, and obviously a damn good consultant hang on until Monday and see your doctor nothing wrong in saying you feel as you do and he may recommend some thing or other me I prefer to go the herbal route and find St Johns Wort was good for my depression at first but I got like you I just wanted to give up but no there is still some fight left in me and I hope left in you plague us all weekend if you must talking sure does help and what you are going through now is just a chemical imbalance that will right itself given time and if needs be with treatment but whatever you do do not turn your back on your consultant he cannot help you if you do not open up and tell him how you feel. Take care, look after yourself and your family (bet you forgot they were in the equation somehow) and see your GP on Monday he can only help if you ask him.

Hi I have just started on stage 4 finding that there is so many changes that all the booklets don't tell you about and we don't know what to realy expect but is am sure when you find your inner strength you will be giving me and many more help through your experience so stay strong and fight with every breath tou have good luck

Bless your heart I know exactly how you feel been feeling the same myself. You've made a start by talking to us, talk to someone phone the helpline go back see your doctor but don't lock yourself away anymore. I always find a good cry helps, or throwing things is very cathartic. I know how desperate it makes you feel please keep in touch now you've made a start.

Kim xxxx


You have been given great advice from everyone,please take note of it,you are not alone.

Do get to your Doctors soon,we can't advise you on the lumps,not having seen them.

Do hope you feel better in yourself soon,you can still live a reasonable life in stage 4,so don't get to down hearted,

Big hugs,Wendells xxx

I can only add to the fab replies you have had,please please go and see your doc there is help out there take care x

hello ,i been in that stage i get out of it thanks God i have fab consultant, you have family i don't if i suffer no one give a damp,i fight it alone ,just be positive ,if you can walk ,walk just build your self, don't give up ,don't feel sorry for your self ,live life ,and that what i am doing good luck

You made the first step talking on here. Take the next step and walk to the garden gate or end of the street and you are on your way up x

when the waves of despair and depression overwhelm me I try and hold onto the knowledge that it will pass - all things pass - those feelings will dissipate - but I know when you are in it this black hole it is difficult to grasp anything - only you can find the strength - I hope you can and with all here offer whatever support, meagre though it is, that we can - take care xxx

Good advice from Ant except for St John's Wort which mustn't be taken with certain drugs and can have a bad reaction on some of us.

Best to check with a pharmacist before taking, Moondancer. Hope you start to feel more positive soon ;)


thinking of you tomorrows another day lots of love x

hello my friend moondancer,, there are many good posts on here and some great advice, please try hard and take this advice, i know how you feel, as i also am on stage 4,with underlying illnesses, this disease can often rob you of your "thinking", there is many times i feel exactly the same as you, especially of late, but i try to fight this as much as possible, sometimes its not possible. but the folks on here will understand you perfectly, so try to keep on this forum, just print anything, even how you feel each day,what the weathers like where you are,anything, but please try to keep positive,,,,,

, but the main thing is, you must see your g.p or consultant, please,,, you say you have a lovely family, that can only be good, so, if even for your families sake, please have a word with your g.p...many folks here are praying for you, i for one,

as sabi says there are folks who will visit you, i,e various christian organizations, the red cross will even help organize a visit from some expert volunteer, i myself had a visit from both these,and these visitors helped no end, in fact i have formed a good friendship with them since,

god bless you my love,and i pray he gives you the courage, strength that you deserve,, lots and lots of love,,from old jimmy:) xxxxxx

Hello moondancer, sorry you depressed at the moment and I cant offer you any better advice than the previous replies....I do hope you take their advice and it seems that you have lots of people rooting for you. Good luck xx

hey moondancer so good you posted - many of us have tough patches and the people on this site can really help. good luck! :)

I have a friend that is the same way you need people around you and to make you feel better and support you talk about how you feel with friends I have stage 2 copd l feel like crap this site is also great cause there's lots of people that have similar situations l hope you feel better take care

It,s a marvellous night for a moondance!I am also stage 4Copd-emphysema and on Monday I have an appointment at the "bladder and bowel" clinic.Wow how much fun is that going to be?With any luck they might fix my enlarged prostate.Bad health does get depressing but we must soldier on if not for ourselves then for those who care about us.Pick yourself up dust yourself down and make an appointment with your GP,you know it makes sense! Wishing the best of luck to you.D.

Hello Moondancer

Everyone on here have given good advice and I can honestly say that I have also been in that dark and lonely place and found it difficult to accept help but found that once I did it became easier. I realised something that I already knew but had forgotten due to my self pity and negative thinking, when that one single thought entered my head which was 'We are Never alone' .....!

That really helped me and lead me to seek help from my GP which then led me to a support group, that of the COPD nurses.

Please see your GP and ask him to refer you to this wonderful service, it will help you in so many ways.

Good Luck and Blessings, we are all thinking of you. Xxx

Dear Moondancer

So sorry to hear your problems, the advice i would give you is see your GP or ring your chest consultants secretary to see him/her to get some advice on your low mood. I am afraid it is a condition that COPD sufferers do have this, so thats why you definately need to seek some medical advice.

Are you on Oxygen? as that drops your mood, please do this first thing on Monday morning. Take care and Hey enjoy the rest of our summer sunshine!!

I was in exactly the same position as you then a friend ask me to go to the local swimming pool I met some really nice people { they don't have COPD } but they understand and will always tell me if they think they are coming down with the flu.

Going swimming was the best thing for me I just wish I could find a method of getting dry and dresses using as little energy as possible, hope your feeling well soon but depression goes hand in hand with COPD

Hi Moondancer. Everyone has given you excellent advice. I know my downfall now, I tried not to worry my family. Luckily one of my daughters noticed how low I was and got me to talk about it. Don't be afraid to let your family know how you're feeling. Hope you get some relief soon.

thankyou all for your feed back from my post,i have had a good rest things are looking a bit brighter certanly after reading your replys how can i feel alone with this desease when i have people who reply back to me with such kindness,im going to rest now but couldnt untill i had thanked you all,tomorow im going straight to the drs,im so glad to have found this community,all my love moondancer healing hugs to all

So sorry you're so down. There are things you can do dietary wise to help your COPD. Research had shown that sulforophane helps. It's high in cruciferous vegatables, such as Brocolli etc, but you can buy it as a supplement because cooking kills it. Pay attention to the foods you eat, as COPD has been linked to poor diet. I have just ordered the nutribullet pro 900 juicer, which blitzes the whole fruit to ensure I am getting the right vitamins, fibre and minerals in my diet and because it's so hard to eat all the fruits and veg you are supposed to. I think turmeric is also great to take as it's a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-viral etc. I'll try to find the links for you. I really do believe that the food you eat helps not only your physical well being, but your mental well being too and we know the two of those go hand in hand. Good luck!

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