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Off for my first spirometry

46 years after my original diagnosis I'm off for my first spirometry test. Then, wait for it, we will put a plan in place. I am hoping the plan will include chocolate and fellas, not sure the doctor will agree. My cynicism is based on being given sun ray treatment as child, which I don't think was their best idea ever, ah well at least it was nice and warm. Love this site, although I don't post often, everyone is always helpful and friendly which makes the day seem a l to better.

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well they don't want to rush these things lol. Go for the chocolate that in my opinion is the best option. Hope all goes well.


Best not to rush into these tests then!!!!! If you get chocolate and fellas on prescription I'm coming to live near you!! Hope it all goes well xxx


I had sun ray treatment too, I used to love lying there with my sunglasses on and reading comics which we couldn't afford. There were two of us the other girl was posh and her mom used to take me to their house for tea when we had finished, what a treat that was.

Hope they get your plan sorted soon, but don't bank on it.

Good luck

polly xx


Good luck to you sukee52, after all this time you deserve some good results. Take care. xxx

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Thank you for your positive responses. I didn't get far really. The nurse said that as I had had a lobectomy of the left lung at 16 she didn't really know whether what looked like a poor result was as bad as it seemed. So I am off to the Doctor on the 17th for the plan to be put in place. One blessing, according to the nurse she doesn't think I have asthma.


You will get fed up of them saying "keep blowing, keep blowing"


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