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Oxygen in cyprus

Hi all ,

I haven't been on this site for a few years. I would be very greatful if anybody could give me any information on getting oxygen for a holiday to Cyprus . I have emailed an oxygen company out there but have had no reply in 3 weeks . I have been To a few other countries without problems . It has to be Cyprus because my son is based there for the next 3 years with the army , therefore I would love to visit if I could .

Thanks in advance

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Speak to your oxygen provider, they should be able to offer you advice.

You may have to hire your own POC. (Portable oxygen concentrator )


I used Linde-Hadjikriakos Gas 00357 24639480 but then I live here so I'm not sure if they supply holiday makers. Is your son based in Dhekalia? Fortunately I don't need oxygen anymore. I just had to give the company a doctor's confirmation letter that I needed it. Perhaps your son can sort this before you come out. Hope this helps.


Can you not arrange oxygen via the NHS?

Cyprus is included in this list.

Regards Rib


Para quip. com. Cy based in polis, in Cyprus now using theirs. Cost was 280 euros delivered to paphos


Price quote was for 14 days. Tried to get it through NHS but alas no joy


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