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Hi all, I quit smoking in November 2013, since Xmas 2013 I have deteriated quite rapidly and being diagnosed with A1AD explained why, I have done the rehab course and do try and exercise 3 times a week at home and still try and do daily chores ( easier said than done ) but by late afternoon even on a good day I get acquainted with my bed as it's the only place I find comfortable to be ( standing and sitting upright in a chair hurts ) but I haven't lost my love of food and find I am putting on weight due to not being able to exercise, sometimes I don't care other days it gets me down, I'm not big ( yet lol ) and I've never been a dieter, but since packing up smoking food tastes so good, and as I can't always cook due to being poorly sometimes ( and my hubby CAN'T cook ) we tend to eat take out which really isn't helping my weight. Lots of my friends say eat salads, and I'm like look if I've got wot I've got and have been restricted so much in life then I will at least enjoy wot I eat. So do I think , be fat , happy and out of breath or slim, hungry and out of breath Ooohhh the choices, chuckling to myself as I write this cuz wot possible answer could anyone give other than my two options that I have stated. Well best go and decide what to have for tea lmao. Take care everyone . X Sonia xx

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  • Hi Sonia I don't think it's a choice of only between take aways or salad. There is always a middle ground. There is no reason why you have be to hungry to stay slim. Haven't you got a microwave? Jacket potatos with a salad garnish is a nice meal. You can buy lots of ready made meals to go in the microwave which are not as fattening as take aways. You can buy things like chicken which is already cooked and how about frozen veg which you just shove in for a few minutes. The odd take away is fine - even thin people eat them sometimes.

    How about teaching your hubby to cook a bit? You could supervise sitting down or is it a case of can't cook won't cook? Some ideas for you. x

  • Thanks for that brill idea I feel so stupid now I love jacket spuds and never thought to do them even he can manage that in the microwave I'm sure, now I've just got to decide what filling to have. Thank u. Xx

  • Feel guilty slatting him, he can cook just things I don't eat like spag bol my kids love it so I'll have jacket spud on the days he does that meal. Xx

  • :) how about be slimmer, more healthy and less out of breath ...... every two pounds extra weight is a bag of sugar attached to you that you have to breath harder to carry ......... but you knew that ;)

    Supermarkets do some really good ready meals that are calorie and fat counted and cheaper than take outs too :)

    excellent on stopping smoking :) :) :)

  • Have tried some of the meals just find lack of taste ( love home cooked meals ) and quantity is not enough I always feel hungry after them, that's not me being a pig just don't like feeling hungry an hour later and eating food I shudn't, maybe I can stock up on apples and grapes and eat them in between meals. Xx

  • Hello Sonia, I emphasise with you , but believe me you dont want to be eating all the wrong types of foods.

    I packed in smoking over 2 years ago. Yes food does taste better and like you i am not very fat or slim. but I put on some weight. I then found out I had lung cancer, had my lung removed. Started eating again like it was going out of fashion. Then out of the blue I had a heart attack , due to smoking, and fatty deposits in my arteries. So now I am (12st 7lb.) and just starting with healthy eating to get my weight down and be able to exercise without being too tired or out of breath.

    If you go on to quit support community there is a section on there for healthy eating, and its not boring rabbit food. :)

  • Good for u, ( sorry at the same time ) but yes ur right on all counts , I don't need any more issues. Oh and I think ur brave and inspiring to go through all that and still be positive and giving others advice as is everyone else on here. That's what I love on here everytime I feel sorry for myself people very nicely kick me back into touch ( much appreciated ). Big thanks. Xxx

  • Hello Sonia,

    I am very similar to jillygirl. I have severe COPD & last year I had an upper right lung lobectomy to remove lung cancer. Initially, I lost weight following post operative Pneumonia but gradually I have crept back to 13.1. As I also have a Hypothyroid condition & mild Type 2 Diabeties, weight gain is all too easy but weight loss difficult. I have been planning my menu using the following link:

    Its free & a great help. In about 10 days I have lost 3lb; which is good considering my slow metabolism. I am not hungey & I really enjoy the variety of meals. x

  • Hi scorpiolass, will havea look on thatsite need a change. I got some ideas from sainsburys site too. Take care.

  • Will check it out thanks for that. Xx

  • Hi Sonia

    I have stopped smoking also and have copd. I was advised to drink a glass of water before and after my meals and this would help me to feel full up. It is true when you stop smoking you look for something else to replace the cigarettes, I am eating grapes and fruit cut up. You could try this and perhaps as the others have said look up the healthy option meals. Baked potatoes are great and also you get the microwave vegetables.

    Try drinking the water and have some fruit cut up to eat after your meals. Good luck. xx

  • Thanks for that I will try the fruit I only eat Granny Smith apples ( out the fridge ) and grapes and the occasional banana on toast. Having jacket spud with tuna mayo for tea yum. Not a big fan of water but will try. Thank u. Xx

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