I having started smoking when i was 14 cause i wanted to be cool as i snuck in between classes n sneeked a smoke...the year was 1974 cigarettes here in philadelphia werw 50 cents a pk...but another thing happened that i believe has my condition what it is today. I strarted smoking marijuana also. Fast forward to 2008. I first noticed that i had difficulty breathing while climbing a hill. Well 9 months later in feb 2009. I had s upper respitory first exasburation...i couldnt breathe sitting down...i was being strangled and it was the most painful experience in my life. Good thing my wife has lived with asthma all her life...taught me how to breathe to slow down the sudden me i cannot qiut smoking please

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  • Hello Jimmy and welcome.

    So sorry to hear your not feeling great. It's great you have your wife's experience with Asthma to help you. It is very difficult to give up smoking I smoked for 38 years, but it can be done I'm coming up 3 years cigarette free now. I can only speak from my own experience but I decided I would not put myself under pressure and would do it at my own pace, I did have an electronic cigarette to help me which not everyone agrees with, but I didn't need it very much and after 6 weeks I stopped using it.

    You'll get lots of great advice from everyone on here, glad you found us. You don't say what you have wrong with you.


  • Kim i have ememphysema, diagnosed in 2009

  • Same as me, such a pain, you've had it longer than me I was diagnosed 2011.

    Kim xx

  • Stop smoking - I tried for years. I smoked at 16 to 53 and nothing work UNTIL. I used these pills that you take and smoke for a week and then continue the pills... Well I was smoking 2-3 packs of Marlboro so I need more help. On the second week I added orange flavor 2 mg (I think it was mg) of Nicorete gum. I would chew 4 to 6 pieces at a time and got a hyper feeling from the gum. Sometime in this week I knew I beat the habit. I did not know then that one year later that heart surgery awaited me and down the road COPD * central sleep apnea awaited me. I am now 67 and still fighting for health.

  • Hi, I managed to give up smoking about 14 years ago aged 48 after 30 years of it! It was great that almost immediately, I stopped having a smoker's cough. Then about 2 years later, I had a minor heart attack. In 2013 I had a horrendous chest infection early in the year and ended up being diagnosed with COPD too. That was six months after suffering a second heart attack. I was gutted about the COPD as I thought I would be fine having given up smoking, but was told the damage had been done somewhere along the road. The one thing I will say is that had I not given up smoking it may have been worse, but I did leave it a long time to do so. I'm 63 now. Look after yourself, and keep your chin up.

  • Dwitt god bless u...u know in 33 yrs of smoking...ive never smoked more than 1pk a was during my youth i smoked a lot of marijuana and that is what i think did me in

  • Hello Jimmy and welcome to the forum. I smoked for over 50 years. I tried many times to stop with no avail, until I had a major and scary chest infection, I was in hospital and so poorly when the consultant came and said very bluntly that I would die if I didn't stop smoking. That was over 7 years ago and I haven't had a cigarette since. It wasn't easy but I just kept thinking of what the consultant said. I'm always grateful to him. There are many aids out there to help you stop. Sometimes it's the thought of stopping smoking that's the worst. Have a go and the very best of luck. xxx

  • You will have to develop a special mind set to give up smoking. YOU HAVE to want to do so. It can happen because I gave up smoking a long time ago. Set a date and give up for a day. If you are still alive and kicking at the end of it, try another day, and 18 years later, I would never start again especially as my breathing has improved a lot but not without other factors to help. I did use chewing gum but it gave me heartburn.(Hiatus hernia) Just be determined, give time to make your plans for the Big Day!!! Good luck xx

  • Well Jimmy, you either stop smoking or you die! The choice is your pal. I used to smoke up to 60 a day and my wife about 25 and we decided one day to stop. We broke up any cigs we could find in the house and threw them all away. That was it, just stopped. It was difficult at times but with will power and support from each other it is now 16 years since we stopped.

    My wife has never done as much as cough, but me, that is a different story. I started as soon as the cigs were thrown away and I thought it would go soon. How wrong I was and I'm still coughing. I am now diagnosed as having COPD and complicated with a chest infection I was in hospital for a week getting my breathing sorted. When I came out I was a different fella, no coughing and no short of breathe. That was then but now I am back to coughing and bringing up lots of phlem. I fear another visit to hospital coming up after I see my specialist next Tuesday.

    Stop smoking now Jimmy mate before you do too much damage. Good luck!

  • Thank you...i will !

  • Hi Jimmy, it is down to you, there are things out there to help but unless you make the decision that you are never going to smoke again it will not work.

    You say your wife has asthma the smoke must affect her even if you smoke outside it still carries into the house with you on your skin and clothes, helping her as well as yourself may be helpful in your quest.

    Good thinking and Good Luck, keep us posted.

    I gave up with my hubby about 20 years ago thank goodness, don't think I would be here now if I was still smoking.


  • Polly thnx...

  • Hi Jimmy,

    I started smoking at 15 and am now 59. I smoked 40 a day.

    I reduced my smoking to 20 a day very quickly by simply only lighting up when I knew I would finish it.

    How many times do you light a cig then go do something after a few puffs to find it burned down and you light another.

    Then I listed hours in a day on a piece of paper and spaced out 19 cigs and only smoked those cigs on those times.

    Then 18, then 17 etc.

    I got down to 10 a day and kept that up for 5 years - no problem.

    Now its poss I have got COPD and waiting tests. You have to go 24 hrs without a cig before the test and I thought YIKES. (with swear words included)

    I had 4 weeks to deal with that so I thought why not try what as worked before and went to 5 cigs a day and am now down to 3 cigs for today.

    everyone is diff and every circumstance is diff Jimmy. You may work shifts etc so plan each day and forgive yourself if you slip, just get back on the horse and continue - You will benefit from it :)

    It helps to come on here and tell folk how your doing with it :) The support is amazing :)

  • Hi jimmy, Its very hard to quit. I've been smoking since I was 15-16 and I'm now 60. I have C.O.P.D . I didn't want to stop smoking but knew I had to. I really didn't think I could do it but here I am 6wks later smoke free . I used to smoke 20 a day. I am using 15mg patches and have the nicotine inhalator which I use if the cravings get annoying. lol What I did was cut down gradually only have a cigarette if you really need too, try to miss out a smoke when you would normally have one. Then say to yourself on such an such a date I am going to quit. You need to be honest with yourself . I also drank loads of water, which did help. You can do this Jimmy, It won't be easy but it will be worth it. Come onto forums like this and you will get loads of support from people who are all trying to stop and who know what your feeling. Good Luck Jimmy . trust me you can do this .

  • did you have worse problems with copd after quitting ? thats what is scary for me.

  • Hi Juliekkay I can't say I have up to now, the only problem is the steroid inhalers, I have put on a lot of weight , been on them for 7mths now., as for the C.O.P.D Ihave days like we all do when I get breathless but that could be down to anything, weather, pollen, etc. At the moment I have to admit that I do feel better for not smoking, never thought I'd admit that ! lol but its true. Are you having problems ?

  • yes .... infection that has made me more breathless. so need to feel better than this as can't afford quitting making me worse ! catch 22 at the moment.

  • Well you need to get on top of the infection . Try to cut down if you can, drink plenty of water. See how you feel when your better. Take care , stay in touch with these forums , everyone on here is very supportive x

  • Thanks.

  • I remember working with someone when i was 19 who was in his early twenties and quit smoking. He developed a really bad cough. I hope for his sake it wasn't COPD but people around him assumed it was his lungs, 'clearing themselves'.

  • makes sense. thanks

  • J thought when I gave it up = well once a smoker always smoker, Not so with me. When I gave it up, it didn't bother me if someone else lit up or not. It was Feb 8 2,000 that was my last cigarette day. Yeah I have a host of other ailments, but something tells me a lot of my issues have a common thread. I am curious, what thread is obesity, Type 2, COPD, central sleep apnea, chronic pain issues, HBP and vascular disease - PAD. I run out of calendar days and have had 61 surgeries with 2 more pending. I need some cures not new formulas of pills and shots. I think acupuncture may hold some answers, but without insurance coverage I use 2 rate pills and pain relievers and dash of some unnecessary surgeries (side effect and all)

  • Hello Jimmy,I stopped smoking cigarettes having started at 9 years old but found I still wanted to smoke weed,not realising that the weed is far more harmful to the lungs than tobacco.When I got pneumonia and could not breathe it scared me so much I stopped the weed aswell.I now have severe emphysema and can do very little without getting breathless.You must stop smoking or it will kill you!Good luck.D.

  • Jimmy, I smoked for 60+ years and tried everything from gums up to and including hypnotism - yes, I could stop for up to 2 years but always went back. I have been tobacco-free for four and a half years, and the thought of smoking nauseates me - all thanks to electronic cigs! It's the nicotine we crave but it's the tar that makes us ill and/or kills us and there's no smoke or tar in an e-cig. Try anything and everything but please get off the ciggies - it'll be the best thing you ever do for your health.

  • dear jimmyr

    you can do it it just takes determination and a belief in yourself. I smoked for over 20 years a real addiction I would go without food as long as I had a cigarette but I gave up over 10 years ago. It is so liberating not wot want a cigarette or having to face that decision about how you spend your money. I gave up through a support group and a drug called champix believe me and believe in yourself you can do it. Best wishes Irene

  • jimmyr... come on old man, you can do it, I say this cos in 1989 I had massive heart attack, you I started smoking when I was 14 yrs,(one of the boys) what a mistake, my doctor said to me after getting over this, well, if you smoke another one it could kill you. (bells started ringing), could not smoke in hospital but I said to myself that's it no more.I smoked over 60 a day for many years, just after heart attack I was diagnosed as suffering with COPD now I am on oxygen 24/7 and not being able to do much, ,a year ago my doctor told me we can do no more for you,WOW that was hammer blow, but I am still here struggling on, but going back to you smoking habit, it is just a habit you must say in your mind I can do it. have an unopened pack of ciggys on the table in front of you and keep saying never never again.

    Good luck to you and I do hope that you do break the habit, think of what my doctor told me, ONE MORE AND IT COULD KILL YOU

    make that the thought for your day on getting out of bed each morning.




  • hi jimmy, can i just say after smoking for about 60 years,,, i stopped in feb,, quite simply if i can, you can!!, best of luck however you manage it, but never stop giving up,,, your life is at stake, believe me, all the very best my friend,, regards jimmy

  • Good luck Jimmy I smoked from age 18 now 66 I tried every excuse to put off stopping smoking until after having what I thought was a chesty cough but started coughing up blood was rushed into hospital with Pneumonia and haven't had a cig since did get Nicorette inhalator and used it to ease cravings but never look at it now yes still crave a cig at times but the thought of lighting up sickens me hope you can kick the habit .

  • Hi jimmy I started smoking about 14

    I also smoked marijuana there is proof that smoking cannabis with tobacco causes COPD. I stopped smoking when I was diagnosed with severe COPD and emphasema and bronciactis I used the nicotine patches. I still use marijuana which I feel helps my breathing as it opens up the broncial tubes and I can breathe easier however I don't smoke it I vaporise it

  • lung irritation is lung irritation, hot smoke is an irritant. Heck if smoking grass was soo good why isn't everyone doing it?

  • hi jimmy does it give you the same affect when you vaporise it as smoking and is it safe

  • You HAVE to quit smoking, no ifs, ands or buts....; that's all there is to it. No one can do it but you; I smoked for over 50 years and finally decided I'd had enough.., what worked for me was doubling up on the patches both in number (2 at a time) and length of time worn per step of the three steps. I don't know what'll work for you..., but SMOKIN' AIN'T GONNA MAKE IT !!!! Cut it out or die sooner. Simple as that.

  • Jimmy count the number of people shouting you on to the winning post. I did it Jimmy. Me who was hardly ever seen without a cigarette and a husband who kept telling me I would never pack it up but I did. Please try your utmost to achieve a smoke free zone in your home. You and your wife will both benefit. Any which way but please do it.

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