Freedom by Scooter!

Good Morning to all my friends! Hope you are all keeping well and lurgy free! We have just returned from our annual trip to Cornwall and we have had a fab time.

The week before we went we were offered a portable scooter (through a colleague whose gran has passed on) – hardly used almost half price! We talked about it and then she kindly brought it for us to try and we were sold! We were worried that it would be a problem and stop my husband from doing any exercise (never very good at that) BUT the anxiety it relieved was tremendous. I didn’t realise how much I had worried about going out – I wasn’t worried anymore if there wasn’t parking spaces right outside, I wasn’t worried if I went into the sea with the kids – my husband could get himself to the loos, get himself a cup of tea etc, and I wasn’t worried when we arrived at a little village only to find everything was on an incline! Out came the scooter and off we went!

Fantastic little thing – it concertinas up into the size of a medium sized suitcase and it bobs into the boot. Only downside it does weigh 22kg so it would be difficult for him to manage single handed. But the batteries last for 4/5 miles each.

And the other little trick we have learned is to have the oxygen in place and ready after meals out. Instead of using the spacer and inhalers and waiting ten mins for him to recover after an meal out – he can scoot to the car and put his oxygen straight on, five mins later he has recovered without any of the panic. These may seem little advances but I cannot express the relief. I feel as if we are a bit more in control instead of COPD!

The other interesting thing is that because he was using a scooter, people acknowledged that he may need help. Of course when he is leaning against a wall gasping for breath – he doesn’t!! And that change of mindset became more helpful. I didn’t have to explain to everyone we came into contact with that we needed a table near the door, or downstairs etc. etc. Some of you may remember how insensitive his sister has been in previous years but not this year! She has decided he is very ill – much worse than last year! In reality he isn’t – it’s just he has “props” now – visual aids that illustrate to the world he has an illness!

The moral of the story is – if you are thinking about a scooter I would advise go for it. It has given my husband a new lease of life – he can be the one zipping off now, he doesn’t feel guilty about holding us back. For us using oxygen when he needs it and keeping it available as much as possible works for us. With much love to you all TAD xx

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  • Hello there Tad. Great to hear you've had a holiday (but equally great to see you back, missed you) plus the news of the scooter! Wonderful.

    P xx

  • Thank you peeg - hope you are keeping well xx

  • Interested in your article, TADAW. Some years ago, we had a holiday in Cornwall and the scooter was such a boon. We were going to Clovelly but saw a tourist entrance to pay to see the village and turned away. We had been there before. Nearby there was road down to the beach, and goodness, it was so steep. The buggy just about made it . Years before I did it on foot. I must have buggies for many years, around 2006, which taken me many places and provided happy memories which I need now since husband is so ill.

    As for shopping, I dont need to bother anyone most of the time. I meet many friendly people going around. Downside is the weight!! love P x I mean me.

  • You are right pergola1 - we need to make happy memories when we can! Your last comment made me smile!!! Its good to feel independent and feel a bit more in control. TAD xx

  • Hi there Tad,good to see you posting again,I was worried that something was wrong.Sounds as if you had a really enjoyable holiday,how lovely,I'm sure it did you both the world of good!

    Wonderful to hear about the scooter,especially as you both will benefit from hubby having it,& being able to be a little more independent.Had to smile about his sister,human nature is funny at times!

    Anyway,will look forward to your posts again,take care,

    Hugs Wendells xxx

  • How lovely that people have missed seeing me posting! AND how nice that the absence has created happy memories. Hope you are well, take care TAD xx

  • I wondered where you were too TAD. Glad you had such a good time and the scooter is working out well. If it gives your hubby more mobility that has to be good. Onwards and upwards x

  • Thank you

  • Morning.

    So glad it has given your husband back a bit of freedom, I get so depressed about it. I've been really considering a scooter recently, you've really made me think I'm going to do a bit of research or at least try the ones at our local shopping centres see how I get on.

    Thanks again.

    Kim xxx

  • Yes Kim do - it really has changed his outlook. xx

  • What a great result Tad and so good to hear you had a wonderful holiday too. The scooters are amazing. Pete has one because he cannot really walk at all well due to his ongoing back problem. His breathing is not great but he could manage to walk around a bit but not now. The scooter fits into the boot of the car and is easily assembled. Off we go, me charging along behind trying to keep up! People are very different and it is noticeable. Some will kindly help in Supermarkets and when we are out. It does make such a difference so I can understand how you and hubby feel. Take care and enjoy more outings. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Isnt it funny how people seem much more understandable? We had two chaps in fits of laughter as I tried to run across a car park to keep up with the scooter! xx

  • Welcome back Tadaw, I missed your posts as well. Absolutely brilliant result with the scooter and here's to loads more fun and adventures with it.

  • Thank you Argana xx

  • Hi TAD sounds like you have had a lovely time on your hols.Let the scooter take the the strain,stress and anxiety,just great.Opens everything back up for you and hubby.I would imagine quite a relief for you all.I love my Gertie wouldnt be without her.Happy days TAD :) Janexx

  • Thank you Longlungs - I have been surprised and delighted by just the stress relief! TAD xx

  • I have been 'dithering' for a while. I really must look into these one day. Thanks for sharing TAD and I am really pleased it was such an enjoyable experience for the both of you. xx

  • I would certainly look into it Toci - the type of a scooter is a Mobi - it might be worth a call to them, they seem very helpful. Good Luck TAD xx

  • hi what great news .so glad your scooter helps .mine is a godsend . my best mate . please make sure you have insurance to cover your self . I didn't till I watched program on telly .

  • Never thought about insurance - will look into that. Thanks Tobydoo xx

  • What a wonderful experience ,that's the true struggle that the medical people won't experience, to make it work for you is a very positive way .thank you .

  • We have to keep trying Colours23!! xx

  • Couldn't agree more, wouldn't be without mine now as it has taken a lot of pressure of the wife as she can go off without worrying about me.

  • Yes Snook - I am really surprised at the relief! It makes a lot of difference. xx

  • Great to see that it all went well and it is so true wheezing against a wall, chair, stick etc. is ignored. I was on crutches not so long ago and had loads of courteous responses for my journey around the shops. All back to being ignored now.

    Be Well

  • You be well too Offcut xx

  • Hi Tad good to have you back,I too now have a small scooter.Amazing how something as simple as being able to go and get my own newspaper from the shop on my OWN gives me back A bit of self respect.Regards to you both.D.

  • glad your back Tad and glad you are pleased with the scooter

    Best wishes Music

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