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Thank you

Hi everyone who has congratulated me and offered support and encouragement, I am really overwhelmed that you have taken the time to write to me. I can only repeat what I said earlier, if you get the opportunity to join PR or do any exercise either at the gym or swimming pool then do it, it will be of great benefit. I will respond to some of you independently so that I can, hopefully, encourage you. I live near Bury-St.-Edmunds in Suffolk and although we may never meet it really is true what other people have written, you are all wonderful people and true friends. If anyone does live nearby and wishes to write to me personally that would be great. Take care, Lizzy. xx

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I live in Suffolk too. Perhaps we may meet one day ? :)


Well done with keeping the flare ups at bay. I have been flare up free for 9 months now and my reason is completely different. I am a great believer in the PR courses but avoiding infectious areas also helps. I've got a mobility scooter and so I never have to catch a bus. Our buses are modern and have air conditioning which helps to recirculate bugs. If I caught a bus, the air temperature was always hotter or colder than it was at the bus stop so I was struggling from the start. Then someone would get on that had a bath in perfume or deodorant and I was now reduced to gulping in great lung fulls of bugs, heat and perfume and that would be the end of me. Now I can go out dressed for the occasion, get to a pub that the buses don't go near and when it's hot like now, go to our great park and sit in the shade of a magnificent tree and just watch the world a play....perfect.


Good for you Brian, I believe in making the most of this lovely weather, I sit in the garden under an apple tree and read a book - I can't say it's peaceful because there always seems to be someone mowing the lawn or cutting down a tree or even doing D.I.Y., still you can't have everything but make the most of what you have. I'm really pleased you have a mobility scooter and can get out and about in your own time and enjoy not only yourself but this wonderful world of ours. Take care, Lizzy xx

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