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Any idea why my hip makes load poping noises???

Hi..all?first I'd like to say thanks to all that write back to me!!at moment feel alone!!and means so much..OK so apart from my other props.. I bend down to put my newbalace trainers on//felt a pop slide ing my right hip is very sore!!!!I' when i was at physio few month ago he put my hip back in place??i wonder if thats whats happened??ive said about my hip before they said its the band in my leg..but its in the bone i can feel it .ive back problems those who wrote before..its been sore since before my operation on back...but I've to be careful has feel ouuta joint if knew what I mean..if say ...that exercise were you lie on back and move one leg to side!!have to stop..stand quick has spasams pops...if lift my leg I feel a bone on bone pop noise...its very sore ..any one had this..oh my last MRI had I've a enlargement of s1 one has said what this is????could it be this..I've siloisis.. If spelt correct .new gp said I've pro been born like that.??!!my mother said no..I've had 8 now MRIs over 8 years..and never mentioned before... My rings feel like someone's squishing me to death...I am not going nuts..on new med pregpentin.. Doing?? Helps with my s1 nurve that's come out sitting on my sciatica nurve( extruded) it said on there.. Helps with bum pain if ever had sciatica will knew that pain????I feel let down by doctors /really do..every one says different crap..iI've lost faith in them really have..I am not just a number or slab of meat..I am a 3 kids..I often think if get any worse what will happen to them..the pregapentin??? Helps me not feeling like crying like before???why??but having pains in back of head!!so ??worth it??

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Good Morning, I am not sure we can help you - this is just for lung problems. Perhaps health unlocked have a more appropriate community. TAD x


TADAW.. Sozzzz.can't get used to this new site!!!!!!I've chest props too....xxxtake care!!!:-\ :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)


Nor me not sure about it at all!! Still can't help with popping noises though the only thing I could recommend is acupuncture I have found it so useful for shoulder problems xx


I don't think the loud pop is dangerous. We have sacks full of synovial liquid and bones are cushioned by this.

Even though, I found this on wikipedia:

I also found this piece of advice to strengthen your hip muscle (Ask to be referred to your physiotherapist; he'll know how to strengthen muscles)

If you are concerned ring your GP. Or if GP not available, ring 111.


I'm not sure of your age. But have you ever had a hip replacement? it's uncommon for hips to dislocate unless they have been replaced. And it would cause severe pain in most cases. It's not really my area, so unsure what it could be. I recommend calling an ambulance for an assessment and it will be easier for them to transport you to a facility than it may be for you to get yourself there? And they can give you decent pain relief. Good luck.


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