Hi, I went for a breathe test yesterday and was told my upper was 60% and my lower was 30% and I have COPD.

Not sure what these results mean

The test was done by the nurse who said she is going to have a word with the doctor and to come back next week to pick up a prescription and a letter. I am feeling a bit confused. Given the above results is that mild or moderate COPD. I am 54 and she said I had the lung capacity of an 88 year old.

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  • I just thought I would say hello, I really can't answer your question as was only diagnosed with COPD 2 weeks ago, and it took them 16 months to diagnose it, in the end I thought I had come to the end of my life, scared to go out, then hooray I got a salbutamol pump with steroids, for three months only, then I can have it without steroids, aggressive treatment he called it doctor I mean, got to go back in august again for another spriomartry test, with you as well they don't seem to keep patients very well informed, so then obviously we worry, what she said about your lung capacity is of an 80 year old, that can't be good, you must have terrible trouble with this illness, I am 60 and nurse said my capacity was of someone in mid seventies, why tell us that for, we know what we've got, instead of scaring us even more they should be helping us and telling us of what is available for us to help ourselves, I didn't know anything of self help until I came on this site, so am now going to be very outspoken when it comes to health issues, anyway I hope you get the help you need, and ask questions to the medical practice, you deserve it, let us know how you get on. Keep well. Angse

  • patient.co.uk/health/spirom... hope this helps and nice to have you with us,x

  • Its just a number. Please don't let it worry you too much. I am 43 and have the lung capacity of a 113 year old - my friends and I just laugh about it - especially when they tell folk they are waiting on 'Britain's oldest woman'! :-) They are just numbers. I have just been for a 1km swim. My lung capacity is 29%, what it was 3 years ago - kept stable through meds and trying to look after myself. Speak to someone in the BLF - they will be able to provide you with really quite brilliant advice.

    Good luck and try not too worry too much - that can often make your breathing seem even worse


  • Thank you for your replies. Just in a bit of shock at the diagnosis, but finding this site has helped, everybody is so positive. The more I am reading the better I feel. It's great to know that despite having COPD it's possible to live life normally. I have to go back to the GP's on Wednesday to pick up a prescription and a letter from the doctor because the nurse wanted to have a word with one of the GP's at the surgery who has a special interest in this area before prescribing anything. Once I get medication and whatever's in the letter I will probably feel better I think a lot of it is fear of the unknown - and of course I will carry on reading the posts on here.

  • When I was diagnosed with mild copd around 5 years ago I was told my lung age was 89. So it sounds like you are mild. This is good, not that you have it, but that you are diagnosed so early and can take positive steps to say healthy, ie not smoking, eat healthily and exercise. Many folk on here weren't diagnosed until they were severe and their options are more limited. Make sure you take all your meds as prescribed as well. They will help your breathing no end. x

  • I beat you lot. Lung age of 149 !! :) They are just numbers.

  • Puff you and Marie prove they are just numbers. Both of you are living life and active.

  • I haven't been told my lung age. Not sure I want to know. I agree with Marie they are just numbers and the more numbers I know my brain goes into meltdown. As long as my stats stay at rest 96/98 oxygen and PR 79/83 at rest and 94/95 PR not above 120 when active I'm happy. What I find annoying is SOB.

  • That's good to hear, that its most likely to be mild, when you don't know what the numbers mean they just sound so awful. It's almost like they want to shock you - they could have just said mild and given me more information and advice.

  • If you keep active, eat well stay positive and definitely don't let it rule your life you will be fine. I was diagnosed severe. I thought it was just old age creeping up on me so ignored the signs. Good luck stay with us. There are some wonderful people on here. xx

  • I'm not trying to be funny, but when everybody says it's only a number is starting to wear a bit thin with me.Im at stage three with Emphysema and tried claiming PIP for my condition.I phoned up Age Concern and went to CAB And they said the same,it's only a number you haven't got any chance of claiming.Blood Presure is only a number if if that is to high or to low the Doctors rush to do something about it.

  • It is difficult GIBBO I'm severe but I don't worry about numbers, if I did I would curl up in a ball and give up. I try to keep active, which I do. Can't help on claiming PIP never tried. There are a lot of posts on here from people who find it difficult to claim and some from people who have been successful. Maybe some of them could help you. Good luck with it. Keep trying. I'm setting myself things to achieve. My next goal is to go on the London Eye never been and I want to. Take care

  • It's not about claiming.Its about what these people that don't understand what COPD or Emphysema is, until people are diagnosed with it nobody knows anything about it.Im the Sec of Breathe Easy Swansea bay and people come to our meeting having just been diagnosed with it and are afraid of what it is,we try and put them at ease.My father died of Emphysema after Severn years in bed with it.Things have changed a lot since then with exercices.But it does need to be more publicised 1 in5 in Wales has this condition and this could be a lot more if recognised by GPs.

  • That is true, when I tell people they just stare at me and ask what is that. Then comes the usual you don't look ill and because I still work and keep active although my lung function is 32% I have the feeling they think I'm looking for sympathy or overstating it. It certainly does need to be more publicised. Well done for helping with your Breathe Easy Group. I find my Practice Nurses are more understanding than my GP.

  • I have the lung capacity of a 87 year old and I'm 52 and stage 4, I was diagnosed 10 years ago I find this site a great help like an extended family welcome to our home

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