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Portable neb or not?

Took my nebuliser machine back to the hospital for a service.Been thinking of getting a portable one so I asked the tech guys,those who do the full lung function test in the big plastic box. After a bit of research the main man suggested just getting an inverter for the car battery and using the one they had just given me .£21.00 on eBay I know it will always work so I,m sorted.Other news....Steroids not made any difference so no gym tomorrow back to see gp instead.Have a good weekend everybody! :D

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Hi farmer D.

How are you?

I have two plug in at home nebs and

I had a portable omron battery or mains powered.

I lost it but recently bought another.

Now I wanted battery n mains because sometimes me and some friends go out in the country. Or just out and about .

So thats why I use that.

However I don't go far from home. I always carry it or in carers car we have adaptors car and main lead plus spare batteries.

As back up.

That way if I choose to stay a while at freinds or am out for longer than planned I have cover.



Hi Tigger,I like my creature comforts so I,m never far from an electric socket or a car.It was the difference in price that shocked me when I looked online.One the same make as my hospital one was£300.00 and an other from Maplin,s £24.00 but the tech guy did.nt rate any of those so my inverter ,ll do me fine.I,m still really struggling to breath so back to gp tomorrow.Cheers D.


I bought the Maplins one about 18 months ago and it is absolutely brilliant...not a moments bother. I then paid extra for the battery to give me independence and that too has been great. So light and easy to carry around too in it's own little bag.Faultless.


That sounds quite cool?

Take care



Hello Farmer D,

I don't know if this is of any help as you seem to be sorted nebuliser wise, but I have a battery operated Omron Microair U22 which is small enough to fit in a pocket. You can get a mains adaptor for it as well.

I got mine from Evergreen Nebulisers on line for £79. I find it really useful and it's totally silent. It does 'eat' batteries though.

I do hope you feel better soon,


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What a lifesaver this little nebuliser was for me. I took it to New York. So light and portable and inconspicuous!


Thanks Annie,the silent bit sounds very appealing.D.


Yes i have portable neb i bought my self from Evergreens. Its a microair. Battery recharble plugs in car mains. Couldnt be without it. I caan put it in handbag and its guiet as welll. Google Evergreens. There are guite a few on there and service fantastic. Really helpfull and next day delivery. He said to me they realise people want nebs now ...not next week. All at no extra cost. A portable one opened up a whole new life. !!!

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what power of inverter is it ? Looks a great idea. thanks for sharing.


200 watt just for car lighter connection.


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