Do I really need another CT scan?

Hello everyone... it's almost a year since I was hospitalised and I have been a good girl and followed my consultant's advice. Taken all my meds and inhalers each day, drinking lots of water , eating honey and walking my dog. Now after a check up I have had to have repeat echo, sputums, bloods, lung functions, etc much like all of you but I was feeling reasonable when I went to see her and had put on weight as well when she'd hit me with I think we may have missed something so have requested another CT scan. Am just worried about the high radiation dose. I would welcome some thoughts please. Holly ( Bronchiectasis) :

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Hello HollyHockH, how lovely to hear from you.

This is only my personal opinion, what I would do..... I would welcome a CT scan, I'd really want to see for myself the changes, if any or even improvements in my lungs.

If the doctor giving you the check up thinks they missed something I would want to see the evidence which would prove her wrong or right. If right then it could be good news, something eminently treatable or perhaps something else is going on that they, and you need to know about.

My 'need to know' would out weigh and concerns over the risks of radiation.

This is just me though, I would just have to know. I could kick myself for all the useless X-rays I've had in the past, if only I knew then what I know now I'd have demanded a ct from the off.

Hopefully someone with nous like Stilltrucking will tell us the scientific pros n cons.

Wishing you all the best, xxx Peeg

Hello Peeg, lovely to hear from you too. I don't have regular access to the internet at the moment so this is why I haven't been here for so long. Thank you for your thoughts and I will go along tomorrow to have the CT . It's a little bit of fear of the unwanted radiation causing more problems and what they might find . As you say ( better to know ).

Best wishes

I can understand how you would be feeling fearful Holly, I would be too.

I hope you'll be able to keep in touch and let USD know how it goes.

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and hoped its not too long before you hear anything. Bless you xx

Me too Peeg. I would love a CT scan too. Never been offered one. I wouldn't worry too much about the radiation. They wouldn't do it unless it is necessary and safe. x

Morning HollyHockH,

I'm in full agreement with Peeg, I know it's scary being told that something may have been missed, but better to have the checks done. We get our cars MOT'd regularly to forestall problems, why not our lungs. Because your doctor wants more checks does not mean something must be wrong, you have a caring doctor, who wants the best for you.

Try not to worry, get the tests done......enjoy the sunshine.


Thank you Sue.

Hi Hollyhockhattie

Sounds like you are lucky enough to have a very proactive consultant and that's a good thing. Hope all turns out well for you.

love cx

Thank you cofdrop. Hope you are well. Holly. x

If your GP has requested a scan I would go for it at least it will put your mind at rest and I'm sure your GP would not order a scan just for the sake of it and its not painful, I'm sure everthing will be ok


You're in good company! I feel very well. My chest consultant told me yesterday that my chest is clear and showed me the difference between the X Ray now and when i was ill. It's amazing indeed.

BUT, my haematologist (blood) felt my armpits and told me the glands are swollen. She want to make sure there is nothing and asked me to have a CT scan. Like peeg, I welcome this (although I don't welcome the procedure!) I want to be as clear as my consultant! because it's my life.

And about the dose, they do say that it's higher than a normal X Ray.

Is it better to fall ill without the scan or knowing what's up with it? I think I'd like to know! My CT-scan is on Wed at 6 pm. I have to be at 5 pm, so they can ask me to drink the contrasting fluid and ask me about my health.

So, we'll go "together" to best know what happens to us! :-)

Take care about yourself, and the best way is to know even better what's wrong or not.

I appreciate your message helingmic . My scan is only a few hours away now and I will think of you also . I welcomed my last scan because I was ill and it was good to finally know what was wrong although it was a worry also but this time I wonder what they could of missed and if they haven't missed anything being subjected to the amount of radiation that is used by a CT scanner could potentially cause a problem! Catch 22! I see the consultant again on 1st July.

Take care of yourself also :)

Best wishes


You can certainly talk to your consultant on 1st of July. I'm sure he/she will minimize the effects, but stand your ground and do mention that the doses of the CT scan are 7 times higher than a normal X Ray. This is mentioned in my literature about CT scan. Best of luck with it and have confidence in yourself, I believe that is the primary cause of good health (even if secondary causes like people who cough around you might create a problem).

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