more mobile now

today [Monday] my wife took me shopping . we went to esssex mobility and she bought me a second hand scooter it can do 8 mph and about 12miles in distance . ive been out on it .itook my dog for a walk with it first time in a good6 months .had half the family say they wanna try it .. it all comes to pieces and fits in boot of my ford focus . she said its cheaper to buy then use up all the mobility allowance .me dog thinks its great kept trying bite tyres when I raced past him ,im like a little kid with my new toy , sweet dreams keep on breathing

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  • Oh I bet you feel like a kid just out of school tobydoo. So happy for your new lease of life and new found freedom. Have some wonderful outings. xx

  • Congratulation on your regained independence. You will have the best fun ever and won't be able to stop smiling D :)

  • So pleased for you. It's such a happy post! M x

  • Fantastic tobydoo - didn't realise you could buy second hard scooters. How brilliant - this will be the next step for my husband. Brilliant that you could put it in the boot. Enjoy - wishing you many adventures, with love TAD xx

  • They are really good. I am having short city break with friend in Cambridge. Arrived yesterday went straight out on scooter. Went miles. Still tiring but would have been unable to do at all without scooter!

    Using scooters does take getting used to - I'm only 45 but it gets me from a-b and can do things otherwise too difficult to do!

  • Fantastic, perfect time of year to get out & have some fun :)

  • Hello Tobydoo, brilliant that you are more mobile - laughed at the thought of racing your dog, great fun. Do scooters go uphill I wonder, I could do with one here in the Chilterns. Take care

  • Brilliant uplifting post. Pleased for you you have found some new independence - no stopping you now tobydoo.


  • Great post tobydoo, put a smile on my face, I really felt your joy!! :)

    click the link, you must feel something like this Ha Ha

    get on your scooter and ride :)

  • Great decision to buy a small unit that goes in the car boot, they provide a way of seeing and doing things that would otherwise be impossible The real advantage is that you can go into shops etc. because of the size, the big scooters become a bit of a monster in small spaces. I thought mine cost a lot of money, but to quote the advert the freedom it give you 'priceless'

    Enjoy it.

  • Fabulous idea. Go you have fun.

    Kim xxx

  • Well done Tobydoo. Hope you have your 'L' plates on :) x

  • Great news Tobydoo,this is what I hope to do if I get pip.I,d buy a scooter like yours and get a car to lug it about in.My problem,well one of them,is space to keep stuff.So I,ll need a car big enough to keep the scooter in.Let,s hope I live long enough to have to sort that problem out lol.Enjoy your new found freedom ,all the best!.D.

  • That's really good news.

  • Good for you Tobydo, Enjoy. Mobility is a wonderful thing. Maximonkey

  • Whoo hoo Tobydo ,!! I must say Im very tempted me self , go babe and have a wonderful time x

  • Really happy for you Tobydo, Bet you will never be in now, enjoy while we have this nice weather.xx

  • Easy rider just like Peter Fonda You'll be after some fluffy dice next !! watch out for the speed cameras ....Enjoy your new found freedom

  • Yahooooo! enjoy riding around in this lovely weather!!! I'm saving up to do the same, happy days Tobydoo!!!!!xxxx

  • it makes me so happy tohear such good things makes you feel good and the dog just look at that face!

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