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Weekend Wit- (Try and visualize it) A bit long but think you will enjoy!!

A poor farmer in the valley had all his crops washed away, and talking to his son they discovered the only way they could get an income was to have their only Sow (female pig) lined to have a litter.

They went to the sty opened the door and saw this fat old pig half asleep and propped up in the corner. The farmer says to his son ‘go and get the barrow because it isn't going to walk up the hill to Farmer Giles farm’ where there was a few boars.

They pushed the pig in the barrow up the steep hill to Farmer Giles and left it with one of the boars for the day. At the end of the day they went to collect the pig and asked Farmer Giles how would they know if the pig had taken?

Farmer Giles said, look out the window at dawn, if the pig is chewing the grass she is not pregnant if she is rolling in the mud she is pregnant.

The next morning the farmer shouts to his son to look out the window and see what the pigs doing. The son despondently replied –‘she’s chewing the grass’. So it was out with the barrow and they pushed the pig up the hill to Farmer Giles, and the following morning the farmer would ask his son what the pig was doing, and every time for a week the son despondently replied – ‘She’s chewing the grass’. they pushed the pig back up to Farmer Giles and asked if there was any other boars they could use, he suggested his prize boar, but it would cost them the only few pounds they had left, but they decided it was the best option under the circumstances

They went back up Farmer Giles farm that evening to collect their pig, and when they opened the door of the sty, it was laid there with a smile on its face covered in sweat, and straw and unable to stand due to its wobbly legs. They ended up lifting the pig into the barrow to take it down the hill and home.

The next morning the farmer half-heartedly said to the son ‘I suppose the pigs chewing the grass’ the son replied ‘NO’, excitedly the farmer said ‘is it rolling in the mud’.’ No’ replied the son, confused he said what’s it doing then?

Son replied – She’s sat in the Barrow !!!

Obviously using the wrong Oinkment !!!!

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Hi Plumbob,

LOL That is absolutely hilarious. Thanks for that, I enjoyed it. hugs xx


Lol plumbob


lol very good thank you xx


Loved it plumbob.


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