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In 2009 i went down with a nasty case of pneumonia which i was hospitalized for as it was being agrivated by my asthma.

Since recovering from the pneumonia i noticed that i was having continual problems with my breathing and walking plus also a feeling of heaviness on the top part of my back behind my lungs as well as my lower back had started to ache etc.

Now i have complained about these for several years with my gp, who to be fair said it was proberly due to scarring tissue from when i had the pneumonia, however these symptoms persisted and have come to a stage where i actually cant walk very far, do very little, difficulty climbing stairs, had to sell my 3bed home and move into a ground floor flat, plus had to move my doctor.

Things came to a head last Oct while on holiday with my parents, they could move more freely than what i could, so after several nagging sessions off them i ventured to the docs. There she sent me for an early asthma review which she instructed the nurse to do a spirometry test on me, ordered a chest xray and also a lumar xray, plus also a range of blood tests.

The verdict - well when they bother to tell me the full extent i hope to know more, but at the time i was told the spirometry test came back as normal but with an age range of a 60 year olds lungs, the xray she told me was fine for my chest, however my lumar hadnt been sent back, but my bloods had a ESR spike and were high..............several weeks past and my lumbar results come back, lower L3/L4, L4/L5 & L5/S1 has disc space loss and formations of extra bone on my bones.............then further down the report is the report of my chest xray - overinflation of my lungs, parts look irritated and also sign of long standing COPD..................erm what happened to the doc saying there was nothing wrong ?

Since seeing that particular gp i am now seeing another gp. I have been to rheumatology for my back where i was told there was nothing wrong, its all due to me being obese and lifes natural wear and tear, he did however begrudginly send me off to have some bloods done, stating nothing would proberly show up.......................hahahaha, my gp recieved them last week along with weveral other bloods that whe requested to be done after 6mths from the last lot......................ESR - still high, even the hospital test was test for Vitamin D came back as Deficent................all these which the rheumotolgy doc ordered but never looked at. Safe to say the gp who i saw wasnt too impressed and is now looking into a few things and ordered further blood screenings, but the question which still hasnt been answered is do i or do i not have some form of COPD which the xray suggest ?? Or does Asthma come under the remit of COPD

I know its long winded but i am feeling let down and to top things off work are now looking to Ill Health Retirement due to the fact i cannot perform the duty that i have done for several years.

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Here is a website that provides information about COPD.

It defines a kind of international standard for intepreting some syptoms etc.

You need your spirometry results FEV1 etc to measure against a standard setting to deterine if you have COPD and what level. If you have scarring on your lungs there is a good chance you have COPD at some level.

You may want to look for a new GP. However, none of them know a lot about COPD so be prepared to do a lot of research on your own.


Even less know about RLD



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I understand that asthma is obstructive it is all about what is exhaled and what is left but not coming out. I am restrictive which in brief, means what I blow out is it. Peak flow not a good indicator for me.

It took me nearly 2 years to get a spiro to prove my condition was not only my heart problems!

It took over 9 months for the fluid to get acceptable in my lungs after I was discharged. Shame it had to be a battle, but from the many that I have had it seems to be the way and only way forward. We may not be experts but we do know what has changed in are body and mind.

Be Well

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