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I have COPD and Angina. great combination. 6 weeks ago I was rushed into hospital, with what may have been a heart attack , turned out they think a mild angina attack. The doctor on duty that night, came across and said you are anaemic, I know I replied, they have me on folic tablets, the doc said what are they doing about it, so I repeated folic tablets, he replied oh nothing then.

He then went on and said being so anaemic I am bleeding somewhere, and this is what is affecting my copd and angina, and giving false pains out, making it feel like a permanent angina attack, He was not happy, and wanted me to have a camera up and down. The Sunday night doctor was equally annoyed and wanted me to stay in until they could get me in. The monday morning doctor wanted the bed so I was sent home.

I went to my own doctor and got signed off work till after the camera.

Had the camera on Wednesday, and the doctor there said you are anaemic badly , what are they doing about it, so I quickly explained and he said yes but you have been going down since 2006 . No wonder I suffer and feel so bloody tired all the time.

The good news is nothing was found. The bad news is they do not know why I am anaemic, I am seeing a different doctor and they have said I am chronic anaemic.....

I am still of work and due to go back later this month, going in next week to chat about reduced hours, I cannot afford to really but my sanctity and health I think its the only option.

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Thats really awful for you ,don't know what's happening these days with nhs but its scary think a lot depends where you live ,hope you get things sorted soon take care

Dorothy xxx


Have they given you a nitrate spray for the angina?


Yes they have, I keep putting it down and forget where I have put it and have to use hubbys......


I think they should be giving you vitamin B12 for your anemia. Ask your doctor about it. x


I also have COPD and angina. I had a stent put in 3 years ago and have not had any angina pains since then, which to me means I no longer have angina. I can't understand why they haven't put one in for you so you don't suffer any more attacks.


I don't have COPD but have asthma and scarring/damage in lungs from asthma and multiple clots in lungs. I was put on iron by one of the consultants at the Royal Brompton hospital, apparently it's quite a common problem for people with lung conditions! That would be another reason why we feel so tired!

It might be worth asking your GP for a blood test for ferritin and iron in addition to the full blood count that is the standard check for anaemia.

I hope this helps, Victoria x


I have Asthma/COPD and anemia, at one point my doctor told me my levels where that low he was surprised my body had not gone into shock, my levels where .1 I was given an iron infusion, has this not been mentioned to you?

I was on 2 iron tablets a day to start with then it was upped to 6 per day this did no good either, im still feeling tired and washed out all the time, my levels did pick up after the infusion but a month after they have started to drop again, I get B12 injections every 3 months and back on 4 iron tablets per day, having repeat bloods done every 3 months to keep a check on things.............good luck I would ask about the iron infusion though


It sounds like pernicious anemia to me. You need B12 injections if that is the case. I have been getting them every 3 months for 5 years and have been told I only need one every year now is the B12 level is quite high now. I got an injection every day for the 1sr 2 weeks when I was diagnosed. Good luck with the treatment,



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