Hi folks, having been told I'm clear of infection after many weeks and a clear chest x ray, I am feeling a lot of inflamation and my breathing is very very difficult. The smallest movements and I have to stop and get my breath back. i never felt so bad since diagnosis 10 years ago. I was prescribed 50mg of Prednisoline a day since Sunday but it has made no difference. The COPD nurse today advised 30mg a day now for a week. Is it normal for inflamation to last so long without starting to feel a bit better when using steroids? Thanks

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  • Perhaps you need to be checked out at the docs sirjames. It must be horrid for you. I hope this settles down for you soon and you start to feel better

    love cx.

  • Thanks c - if I don't start feeling better soon I will see the doctor :)

  • Hi there sirjames. infection and inflammation are two different things and both are treated differently an infection is normally treated with antibiotics. And inflammation many things can cause this even the weather! Steroids deals with inflamed tissue. So good there ,and it can take a little time to feel the benefits if any ! sorry you are feeling unwell; so many remedies. And too few results never mind my friend keep active that's important and an apple a day etc. be happy keep asking questions and someone may just get it right . sorry I have not been much help

  • When I have felt like this my GP told me to use my salbutamol inhaler more often so maybe you could ask your GP if this would be ok for you? Hope this helps. Sometimes it takes longer to get over chest infections and flare ups so hope this is a one off for you.

  • thanks Charlie, I have been using it nebulised 3 times a day recently and it makes no difference.

  • I would give the helpline a call for guidance sirjames.

    How you're feeling a bit better today. Personally, I cannot take steroids, they make me feel too ill. ..... Taper the steroids down via GP won't you, don't let them stop them abruptly.

  • peeg and many others are right. Here's the phone number for the helpline: 03000 030 555 open Mon - Fri 10-1 pm.

    You call this inflammation and oxytic commented on inflammation, but ask the doctor what it is. Do you cough up yucky sputum? Have you had a sputum test? Hope you get better very soon.

  • Thanks , yes i put a sample in Monday last and it came back clear. Sputum is normal colour and quite runny. Chest feels very tight but x ray clear last weekend. I see doctor early next week if steroids dont start making it easier - thanks

  • thanks I was advised tp drop down to 30mg a day for the next week

  • thanks Peeg I was advised tp drop down to 30mg a day from 50mg day for the next week

  • Hello sirjames, you have just asked the question I was going to make as I have been in the same position since beginning of May and at the moment I feel I am sliding downhill. Have just managed to get an emergency appointment with my Doc. so will see what she says. I just feel taking more and more steroids is not the answer.

    Hope you feel better soon,


  • Thanks Emmo, I'll be interested to here what you're doctor says and I hope you feel better soon too.

  • Hi sirjames I, like you, am clear of infection according to my Doc but I am also struggling with the slightest exertion. I live in Southern Spain and our weather is now hot so I am putting it down to that. Hope things improve for both of us soon.

  • Thanks Snook - maybe it is the heat for you but I dont think it is for me. I will see dosctor soon. Hope you better soon.

  • My doctor (who is young and very good) said when your lungs get sore and inflamed then an old fashioned method works well. Get hold of a inhaler steamer from Boots add a tiny amount of Olbas oil add boiling water and inhale the vapour. It works well for me, frees up the rubbish but also eases the soreness in the lungs. As he says sometimes the old fashioned and well tried things work well.

  • thanks Moneal, I've been trying that - makes no difference lol!!

  • Many thanks for the replies and tips and I hope you all stay well :)

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