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A new record?

My dodgy right knee has got dodgier just lately so my GP told me to get an x-ray done. I chose to go to one of the smaller local hospitals.

I found a disabled parking bay right next to the front door. I walked into the hospital and made my way through to the x-ray department. I gave the young lady radiologist the doctors request form and she took me through and laid me on the bed. It's a long time since that has happened to me. She took the pictures and after a short wait she said I could go.

I got back into the car exactly nine minutes after I had left it. Is this a new record?


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Think i will move to your area Bobby,seem too get things done a lot quicker take care

Dorothy xxx

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It's my charming personality Dorothy, they just can't do enough for me. lol

Bobby xxxx

Oh my,that does sound like a record,hope it happens for you in the future too!

Hope your knee is ok! Love Wendells xxx

Thanks Wendells. I always tell the kids it's an old war wound but really it was playing badminton for twenty years that did it. lol

Bobby xxxx

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Utter rubbish, playing badminton my foot ,its having too bend your knee too sit on the naughty step he he xxxx Dorothy

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Aw Dorothy, you know I am never naughty. lol

Bobby xxxx

Sorry to hear your dodgy knee is causing you pain, and hope your treatment to rectify that knee is as speedy as your x-ray! :) x

Thanks Initial. I'm just worried they may have me put to sleep. lol

Bobby xxxx

That certainly is a record.

Hope they can sort your knee out. Im waiting for the 16th as have my appointment with my knee consultant to find out results of mri. Xxxx

Hiya young Chell. My GP says he is going to phone me in two weeks to tell me the result of the x-ray. Good luck with your appointment.

Love from Bobby xxxx

Let me know what your GP says. Xxxx

WOW!!! Impressive xx

That's what I thought Tad. There's nothing worse than hanging around for hours in a waiting room.

Bobby xxxx

And there you were, thinking you were going to have a day out, and Bam ! your day out gets cut short LOL

Hope your knee feels better soon Bobby, and here's hoping you don't get 'put down'

love anna xx

Thanks Anna. I still got my day out. I went to Merry Hill shopping centre about three miles from the hospital and hired a scooter from AGE UK. Shopping without the wife is a completely different experience. Quite enjoyable. lol

Bobby xxxx

hahaha Az agrees with you Bobby. :) But I really can't understand what either of you are meaning. xx

Could you only manage a quickie Bobby? Lungs not up to a proper session?

And the old age Warwick mate. I'm 71 now and everything is failing. lol


Old at 71. No way. what you need is a young helper, but don't tell the wife. All the breast mate.

The thing is Bobby are they going to get you fit in time to play in Brazil. :)

After the way they played tonight Dall I reckon I will be getting the call any minute now. lol

Bobby xxxx

It takes me 10 mins to get to the x ray department were they have a "cunning plan" you go to the desk with your form they take it all down and you try and find a seat a short wait and your name is called hopes held high are soon deflated as they move you into the gown and additional waiting area! were the same amount of people are sitting as in the other room :(

Crumbs, you sure it wasn't a dream?

I should get in touch with the Guinness Book of Records Bobby. Problem is, it wouldn't happen again when someone came to verify it. I hope your leg gets better.

Thank you Poems. I think that little 'cottage' type hospital does much better than the super dooper whoopee wonderful main hospital. I have never had to wait very long there so I use it whenever possible. The only snag is that they don't do everything.

Bobby xxxx

I have a similar experience in my area. If I go to the busy Kent and Canterbury, it can take me ages. But I see my chest consultant in one of the smaller hospitals in Herne Bay. They want to close it. I sincerely hope not because it feels fresher, the staff is more relaxed and talks to you, the consultant wants to shake my hand every time (I don't because I don't want to contaminate him. He smiles and tells me he washes his hands after every patient!). Every one smiles there!

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