Trial Questions. The following are true quotations from lawyers during real trials!

1. "Now Dr Isn't it true that when a person dies in their sleep, they don't know about it until morning"?

2. "The youngest son, the twenty year old, what age is he"?

3. "Were you present when your picture was taken"?

4. "Were you alone or by yourself"?

5. "Was it you or your younger brother who was killed in the war"?

6. "Did he kill you"?

7. "How far apart were the vehicles at the time of the collision"?

8. ""You were there until the time you left, is that true"?

9. "How many times have you committed suicide"?

10. Q" So the date of the conception (of the baby) was August 8th.

A" Yes"

Q "And what were you doing at the time"?

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Brilliant Huggs!! :D XXXXX

Hi hufferpuffer, Glad you enjoyed them. Feeling not so well today (well all week really), and getting down so I thought I would try and give everyone a smile and cheer myself up at the same time. Take care. hugs xx

Thank you, they were great and made me laugh.

Hi Riverbank,

I am pleased that you had a good laugh. A laugh never goes wrong and is good for us. hugs xx

Thanks for my morning chuckle x

You are very welcome chopsticks. Its a good way to start the day with a laugh. hugs xx

Had a good laugh,good ones huggs! xxx

Pleased that you enjoyed them Wendells. Your jokes are always good too. I am sorry to be so late in responding but I haven't had the best of days or the entire week for that matter. I am so slow today and keep making mistakes. My biggest blooper of the day I think was when I responded to someone who had worsening asthma. Among other things I advised him to contact Asthma UK and they would send him an asthma attack! It wasn't until much later that I noticed the error. I meant to say asthma pack. I was a bit mortified at the time, but I cant stop giggling now when I think about it. I thought you might find it funny as well. As long as I haven't put him off contacting them. I did edit it of course, but goodness knows what he thought. I haven't heard from him, so ??? ha ha ha. Oh dear my sense of humour can get me into trouble sometimes. Hope you are well. Take care. hugs xxxx

Dear me huggs,loved that about sending an asthma attack,I'm still laughing,better than any joke I've put up,thats a corker,& a true one,bless you!! I'm still chuckling! xxxx Ps take care of yourself,hope you feel better soon,big hug to you xxx

Hi Wendells.

I knew you would appreciate my blooper! I just somehow knew it. I was wondering if I should tell anyone about it, and then I thought, "someone will find it funny and I was reading one of your posts so you got the blooper of he day first, I think". My memory is bad just now so I could be wrong. Well, its out there now for everyone to see. I don't mind admitting my sillinesses. I just made that word up. Its a plural! The rest of the advice I gave him was normal and detailed so hopefully it was of some use.! Have you done any bloopers like this? Please tell me I am not the only one. Take care and look after yourself. hugs to you as well xxx

The one that springs to mind,is when a neighbor some years back asked me to get a packet of turf,when going to shop,& I bought back a packet of Surf!! Was never asked to get anything again!! xxx

ha ha ha! That's hilarious and one way of getting out of doing errands for other people! I bet you had a good laugh at the time. Years ago when I had a really heavy cold, I stood for ages in a long queue in Boots(a chemist). As the queue moved slowly forward I found myself in front of the condom section. I became intrigued at all the types and flavours you could get. Finally, an assistant asked if she could help me, and because I had been standing so long, I said absent mindedly, "Could I have a bottle of condoms please? I meant to say a bottle of Benelyn, which is a cough bottle here! Talk about embarrassment. The assistant was doubled up with laughter as were the people immediately behind me. Its hilarious now, when looking back, but at the time I was only about 17 Take care. hugs xxx

ha ha, laughed at the first joke, but had to laugh at the last post,, easy done:) i remember getting a prescription from the young girl in the chemist just after seeing the doctor, with "doctor"on my mind, i must have made the young girl assistants day, when she handed me the prescription bag, i said "thank you doctor":)

Glad you liked it jimmy. Sometimes the true ones are the best. Did you read my post further up this page to Wendells, and see what I advised someone to do? If you haven't read it, then you should because it will give you a giggle too. Its in between two of Wendells posts. She thought it was hilarious. Hope you are keeping as well as possible. Take care. hugs xxx

ha ha ha,, how i missed that i do not know,,, its just the kind of bloop i would make,,,,keep us smiling hugs brilliant,,, jimmy xxxx

Hi Jimmy, Thought it would appeal to you! I don't think I will live that one down for a while. hugs xxx

still laughing at that one yet,,,,i think you can read me like a book hugs,:), jimmy xxx

Hi Jimmy, glad you had a laugh over it. I certainly won't forget about it for a long time! Trouble is that my head is still fuzzy, and I can't concentrate very well just now. I really shouldn't be answering questions when I am feeling like this. I enjoy doing what I can to help someone, and we have a bit of banter and a laugh at the same time. By the way Jimmy, I can read all men like books!! ha ha. Take care. hugs xxx

hi huggs,,now take a leaf out my book ha ha,,, but seriously huggs i think we all get like that, i know i am, in fact i often get worried about myself, some of the dopey things i do are unbelievable, to embarrasing to even tell, you carry on giving good advice and keeping us smiling, your doing just great,,,now i,ll put a dopey joke on, just for you,,[maybe i was the man ha ha,, take care huggs,, kind regards,,jimmy

aww Jimmy, you sound such a lovely man with a great sense of humour. The reason my head is so fuzzy is that I have a heavy cold which goes away and keeps returning. I also have frequent seizures which affects my memory, concentration and loads of more things. I am just telling you this, because I may have given the wrong impression to you in my post. I am not like that all the time, and just thought I maybe shouldn't answer serious questions when I am like that. I can't seem to help myself though!! I must add though, that I do dopey things anyway, even when my head is clear. So maybe no one notices the difference. Ha ha ha. I am now going to look for the dopey joke you have posted especially for me. You take care and look after yourself and I will be back to you after I have read the joke. hugs xxxx

Thanks Jimmy. Good one, and it was very nice of you to post a dopey joke just for me. I have replied to it over on the humour category as well. I think it was you that was the man in the car! I once went up a one way street, the wrong way when I had a moped years ago. It was only a tiny little street, and I know I shouldn't have done it. It was a really quiet spot and no one was around, or so I thought. I just got to the end of the street and this policeman appeared out of nowhere. He was on his own and walking. Needless to say he flagged me down. I tried acting stupid, which was far too easy and said I thought it was just for cars. Anyway we ended up laughing, and going out together for a time. hugs xxx

lol thank you xx

So pleased that you had a laugh undine. Hope you are well. hugs xx

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