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I have multiple health issues, POD, HBP, COPD, C-sleep apnea, Type 2 use insulin & chronic R-knee pain - Will stem cell help?


I've started to lower med use do to side effects and do feel better. I had nearly 60 surgeries and I can't get one doctor to coordinate my health requirements. I see this is mostly a UK site & I am in the US but I don't want to leave a stone unturn. I think many of my issues have a common core can anyone shed some light?

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Hi dwitt, I have severe emphysema so can't really help you. Still learning about my own. Welcome. I'm certain someone on here will be able to help with a least one on your problems. Good luck. Take care.


Hi dwitt. I thought stem cell treatment is not commonly used yet though that might just be in the UK. I haven't a clue whether it could work or not. Best thing is to ask your own medical professional. x

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It's not used here at all for my issues. I just know one day it'll fix what cigarettes did to me. Note cigs actually did their mischief 15 years after I stop smoking.

Dwitt, this is a British site (British Lung Foundation) but you can always email the nurses here and they will give you advice and there is no charge. The contact details are at the top of the page - click on the red balloon.

Stem cells are still at a very early research phase. Any real therapies will take many more years before made clinically available. 10 years, maybe 20? 30? One top researcher said it would be another generation or two before there were viable therapies for lung diseases. Others have quoted 10 or 20 years. bu.edu/today/2012/from-stem... No pun intended, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting around for some magic fix. That's not the way science or medicine works.

You may be interested in reading some similar inquires as yours which I have replied to. Be sure to consider the sentiments in the attached videos.




You also may be interested to know, the only real stem cell therapies offered today are not anything new and are for rare blood disorders and cancers like leukemia. There *may* possibly be some simple and new treatments currently offered for things like arthritis though I have not personally read any convincing data on these, only seen video broadcast directed towards the general public. If you can get into a clinical trial for the arthritis in your knee (assuming that could be your issue), maybe, maybe there could potentially be some benefit but I wouldn't spend any money for something like this as trial participants never do in legitimate trials.. I would be excessively skeptical about any claims made by independent clinics, especially if their basis for proof is that it worked in mice (we are not mice, at least I'm not), or patient testimonials without documented proof such as peer reviewed research articles to substantiate and support their claims, preferably double blinded placebo controlled clinical trials.

I've read where heart muscles after an attack have rejuvenated after an injection on stem cells. Breast reconstruction - if possible look at Suzanne Summers on you tube and lastly bladders rebuilding do to cancer has been done. I think stem cells will take an accelerated path for repair in many diseases and health issues.

There was a company carrying out stem cell operations in Germany a couple of years ago. I contacted them as they claimed successes with COPD and heart patients. They were closed down before I managed to do anything about it but I do believe stem cell surgeries work on a variety of health problems.

The company moved their clinic to Turkey but that was too far for me to travel and I think that got closed down too so I gave up although there were clinics in the US that were advertising.

There is a lot of information on Google - good luck in your quest and I'd love to know how you get on.

Hi dwitt. Nothing useful to add on the stem cell issue, but just wanted to say that here in the UK the docs are no better with multiple health conditions. It is like they have little blinkers that stop them looking beyond their one bit of the body. I have thyroid and lung problems, but docs don't think their can be a connection between chest and neck ..... Have you tried diet changes? You could try gluten free or dairy free for a bit, or maybe both, or some of the more specific diets.

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