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Post in Stem Cells Australia website, Ageless Regenerative Institute in Mexico is conducting these trials, would you??????

Ageless Regenerative Institute in Tijuana

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

09/07/2013 ... Stem cells from fat are being investigated as a possible treatments for COPD. Click on the link provided to find out more about the trial. It remains too early to know if the approach will be suitable. We need evidence collected in clinical trials to determine if a proposed stem cell treatment is both safe and effective.


04/07/2013 ... The study is being conducted by the Ageless Regenerative Institute in Tijuana aims to investigate the effect of the patient’s own stem cells in the treatment of moderate or severe Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease.

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Hi Kad,I'm from Aus too,don't know about getting younger,but would like better lungs ! A lady I did a course with,was going to pay $10.000 for stem cell s for the lungs.Her specialist talked her out of it,stating not enough evidence yet.I have heard of people going to South America for it,some happy,others not!

Still a bit new for me,I think,however do hold out hope for others in the future! Happy Xmas,hope it's not too hot a one for us! Wendells xxx Ps the lady in question was going to Sydney for it.

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Thanks Wendells.

It is probably the fix for the future, I know a lot of research is going into it, I wouldn't do it now, but a couple of years down the track 'if I am still here' I am sure I would give it a go. 30 degrees forcast in Perth, thats just right for me, ex pom, anything over 34 is hard for me. Have a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you good health

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Stem Cell Fraud: A 60 Minutes investigation

Would look at this first.

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If these treatments really worked it would be all over the news. Think about it. Just because someone has a 'MD' after their name does not mean they have ethics and won't try to deceive people for financial gains. Unfortunately for Art and Sharma, stem cells didn't work so well, and they were part of the very "clinical trial" you reference. Experts believe that in most cases real stem cell therapies are going to be far more complex than simply extracting stem cells and then injecting them back into the patient. Many say we are 10 - 20 years away from real cures.


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