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Well, I have given in and now got myself a mobility scooter. This was because I really struggled, even on 5 litres Oxygen, a couple of weeks ago when I went to Newcastle with my husband (first time in Town this year). I mentioned this to my Respiratory Consultant and said I was thinking of either starting to use Shop-mobility or even to buy a scooter myself. To my surprise he agreed and said having one would be good for me.

As I now also have right sided heart failure on top of my Emphysema I am struggling and was beginning to feel as trapped as I was before I started using Oxygen. I still want to get out and about so this is one way to do so.

People in our local area though will have to be on alert though as I can't even drive a car!!!

It will be trial and error until I get used to driving this scooter. lol


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Don't forget to put 'L' plates on then :) What are you going to call it? Jane calls hers Gertie. Lets all put our choices in here for you to decide. My vote is Esmerelda. :d x

That's a great idea. A name for her. Now there you go, I am already saying my scooter is a female!!!

All suggestions of names welcome. I like Esmeralda mind.

I will get myself a nice big L Plate for her!!! lol

Thérèse xxx

Thats wonderful,will probably make a big difference for you!

As for names,my thinking was Matilda,yes I know i am in OZ!!

Over here,some shopping centres,big ones,have a car park roof,where you can go & have instruction,& drive around till you feel safe on it! This is when you go to rent one for the shopping!

Could be worth it though.Not sure if the UK does it,would be surprised if they don't.Have a ring around,maybe someone here will know.Good luck with it! xxx

That is a good idea Wendells. I might hunt some phone numbers out and ask about any possible 'training areas'.


Now this has given me an idea of possibly Elsa as a name. The lioness from Born Free!!!


Hiya Dangirl1. Perhaps a good name for your scooter would be "Havoc". he he

Bobby xx

Enjoy your outings, when you have mastered the "beast or the terror". Maybe a name to sum up the good times you will have with the summer almost here. xx

I have COPD and also right sided heart failure amongst other things, sorry to leap on your post but did anyone say your right sided heart failure was a consequence of emphysema? I have a bi-pap at night not oxygen. Good job on the scooter, I have a powerchair and it really helps - mine is called The Duchess.

Yes Suzey, my Cor Pulmonale (right sided heart failure) is a consequence of Emphysema.

I don't use Oxygen at night. I only use it Ambulatory, but find I am needing it more and more now.

I have a sleep study on Thursday night. Got to collect the gear on Thursday morning and return it Friday. Will see what the results of this is.


Hi therese,I have had a scooter since November last year and I rent mine from Eden mobility. This might be a cheaper option than buying one, costs nothing to ask. I got mine because I have emphysema ( stage 4 ) & also have a heart condition as well and I was struggling with getting about, since getting the scooter I can get about more without getting extremely breathless because I'm walking around. Take care and breathe easy Aidi x :-)

Thank you Aidi. I have already bought my scooter. We had looked into hiring one, but in the long run it was just as cheap to buy.

My Emphysema is classed as very severe and because of this my heart us now involved. Not giving in though!!!


good luck with that and have fun...

I have had a scooter for quite a long time now. Initially, it took me all over the UK, on holiday with husband. Never at any time, did I think I was giving in!! In fact I was making some precious memories with my husband. I couldn't walk far with wanting to stop and sit down. I bouht mine, although I knew in Cambridge at least, that you could hire one for free and parking my the car was free.

I am very aware of my fellow pedestrians, particularly, dogs, children and people texting. They walk right into the vehicle. I also meet lots of friendly people. Watch grumpy old men on "tanks". Have fun!

Good luck ! Please let me know how it goes - we will be needing to get my husband one very soon for the same reasons as you. I am sure it will give you a new lease of life! Maybe you need to buy some "L" plates to stick on the scooter as a warning! Take good care, TAD xx

Thank you Tad. I have been out on a practise run this afternoon and managed fine. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and I only had my Oxygen on 2 litres instead of the 5 I would normally have it on when walking.

Mind, I had hubby walk beside me as I was very unsure of going out on my own. I know now, I will be fine.

Good luck when the time comes for you to get one for your husband.

Thérèse xxx

I have been using shop mobility for a little while now and they are lovely. I have massive issues with breathing when I start to move about with my condition. And it doesn't take long to get the hang of using an electric wheelchair. I would go for one of those as they are smaller and easier to get in and out of the shops. The freedom you get from being able to get out on your own is just uplifting to say the least. I am just a few weeks away from my new chair.

good for you although i myself don't have a mobility problem i think best of luck to those that do as long as i can run up a flight of stairs i willing to do without them for now ( i am 70 by the way so i don't think that i am doing to bad)

I wish I could still get up a flight of stairs. This is something I really do struggle with and tend to use either a lift or escalator.

Hubby and I were out last Saturday evening and had two flights of stairs to get to the function room. I just had to go extremely slow and kept stopping. It took me an age to get to the top!!!

You are doing very well.


Good for you Therese.

Quality of life is all important I think.

Good luck on some driving guidance, probably a good idea. You don't want to have any mishaps that'll put you off riding it.

I wonder if a question about lessons might get you some ideas.

All the best, P

Hi Therese Ive had my Gertie for nearly a year now she is due her first service bless her which is good as we have a flat front tire!Im on the motability scheme so any problems and they deal with it.My life has been opened right up I hadnt been out for the previous two years so I was bowled over to get some independance back and some fun Ive had a few adventures! they are quite easy to use,Ihave had my moments though lol,I dont drive a car either was a little scared at first but I was fine you will be too get out there and enjoy ,let us know how she goes eh? Goodluck and happy driving. :) Janexx

Jane, I have been out this afternoon and managed fine. I made my husband come and walk with me just so I had company the first time I was out. It was great to be out and not getting so out of breath (even using my oxygen), and I only set my oxygen on 2 litres instead of the usual 5 when I have been walking about.

I am really looking forward to having some independence back again and not having to rely on Gordon all the time.

Thérèse xxx

Isnt it just great !Before I got Gertie the slightest of breezes would stop me from walking as I would loose my air couldnt breathe with a wind,but strangely on Gertie I can cope its the standing and walking thats a nono,obviously with a substantial wind I pull my buff up over my nose and hey presto alls well again,Ive notice with all the bits in the air at the moment Im coughing when out on Gertie so am now using the buff to pull up coz now im out im not staying in lol :) Janexx

I am on holiday now with mine which I bought a couple of weeks ago. I WAS unable to get out and about until now. In fact this is our first holiday for 3 years because of my health. My chariot will fit in the car so I am looking forw

ard to getting around more at home.


Hi Maggie Im made up for you what a difference hah,yes I need to get a foldey up one so as I can go out with the family on outings my one is to large for that.Opens your life up again doesnt it .Happy days Maggie enjoy I most certainly do! :) Janexx

Hi dangirl1.

Mine goes 8mph I dont drive so I love driving it.

Mines a kingston (class 3 road one. I even have tax n V5) ill find a pic and post I call her big bertha or just bertha

Im small built and bertha cushions me in.

I had a london taxi called big bertha

Ie both built like tanks lovely to drive. Comfortable. And safe. lovely heart's and personalitys

My scooter when it starts to get to wet sort of whines so ill try and get home.

or if I havent driven her for a few days (altho fully charged) the horn or lights wont work for a while.

Or if soaked in rain horn will beep n indicators will flash for ages !

I truely love the independence

I do what needs to be done then go out for miles see my friends or just go out take meds n fully charged mobile.

Sorry for waffling I cant rate them enough x

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