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I all this is just me being feed up I have always tryed to do everything my self but now I got to rely on my sons or friends to do jobs I have always done my self but as I am sever copd I can not do it like I tryed to show one of my sons how just to rough a garden wall on Saturday. Just bent over and done one little bit and had an attack so I had to talk him thou it yesterday he was to come and lay some patio slabs for me but he said he can't do it now friends have said they will do it but never turn up even when I have offer to pay them so now I have a half finished wall no patio just no room to move out the garden at all so you see how I am feed up just a good old morn

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Mornin david ..Its awfull when you get to the stage of needing to ask for help when you have tried to do things for yourself .you. feel guilty and feel as if you giving up. . Your not giving in just want a few jobs done its not too muchto ask is it. .moan away wee hear to listen bbut not up to laying. Patio slabs. ! Im sure someone will come along and do it eventuallly .....but if your like me you want it doing TODAY. Not romorrow. Good luck. And if its not done smash it to bits annd make a rockery. !!!!! Sue x

Hi David in the back of my memory I'm sure someone like Age Concern keeps a list of people who will do jobs for OAP either free or at a very reasonable price. Try them and also Saga and your local Council. Have a good old moan it will do you good.

If the worst comes to the worst, lay one slab each day. It will be done in the end

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312 days it will take

Know how you feel, just called my brother to come and take out the trash for me. Went something like this. "If you want your birthday gift come and get it and please take out my trash" It's very hard for me, I've done everything myself and now I can hardly do anything. Just do what you can and somehow it works out.

Hi David12

As suggested by Puffthemagicdragon lay one slab at a time, it might take 312 days but when friends and loved ones come around on the 313rd day saying 'here we will get your wall and path done for you' you can smugly say 'I may be old and knackered, but at least I have managed to drag myself out to do the work so as not to worry you'. Rude words can be added where required.

Hope you are enjoying the good weather, take care.


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I like what you. Say but I have told him I can jump over his head if I could get the breath and energy to to it


Thank for listen to my morn good night all and good breathing

A goodnight to you to david12. :)


Hi David, do try Age Uk. I am sure they will be able to point you in the right area for help. Maybe worth checking with your local authorities website too. Good luck. Joyce

The local council do an assisted collection ,you just have to get it to the door ,there is no charge hope this is of help to you.Lola.

I have always been a 'One man band' David, still know how but just haven't got the puff any more. This generation seem to want to emulate 'The Beckhams' and get a little man in for everything, any kind of physical work seems to be beneath their dignity. What young relations I have left, and who I always came to the aid of, are always too busy for me. To make it worse I am now stone deaf and can't even use the phone after hospitalisation.

Got to get up in the loft this summer to fix the central heating, not looking forward to it at 74, but I'm not done for yet. Best of luck to you and keep on truckin' !

i know how you feel ,i have severe c.o.p.d , i have a very large garden which i had to flower beds , lawn and veg plot, now it is mainly decking ,patio and gravel i still have a 30footx 25foot lawn , but i have to pay some one to cut it for me and trim all the hedges and shrubs ,it makes me feel so bloody useless

Hello David(namesake),it,s interesting how family react to our plight.My wife and son like to think they are being helpful but it,s always on their terms.Yet they wonder why I want my own car so I decide when And where I go.I know it,s frustrating but I still try to laugh about it(in my own little world) and just add an hour on to anything that involves needing their help.Hope you get your patio sorted soon,take it easy and let us know how you get on,all the best.D.

Evening ...any luck with yourr paving slabs .??? You find out who your friends are dont you at times like this. !!But doesnt it hurt. You feel no one cares dont you. ? B$&[< r them !!!

Oh my Farmer D you are so right, People do not like to help anymore. unless its on their terms. David, I have joined through Facebook the local community, think most areas have them now. Its interesting what you learn hear on there, I have found no end of small businesses that do small jobs, One bloke I have used just recently does all his work through Facebook. So if no help through saga help the aged/council,CAB, then try these. You may be able to get a grant towards house improvements ...

Good luck


Just saw this one david12 and how well I relate to the problem. Today I find myself absolutely helpless, I can't even deadhead a flower or or walk a couple of feet without fighting for breath.

As you say, all the things we take for granted . . . . . I can't think of anything worse than not being able to breathe, and so lucky are they that are able to eat and breathe at the same time.

Good luck to you and hope you get the help you need.

I'm wondering if you got sorted David.

Also, I have no idea where you are but there's a great organisation wher I live in London called GoodGym. I know they've opened up in Bristol too.

Their members run to do good deeds for people like you. A team would run or cycle to you, do the job together and run or cycle back to base or home.

They do it to combine exercise with doing good deeds and save their money by not paying to join a gym. They're great. Good luck to you.

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