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Saw my specialist to get results of 3 CAT scans and a PET scan. He was monitorig some nodules in mu lungs. At the last scan I got very worried. It was repeatd after a long pause, and the lead lady asked if I was seeing my specialist soon.

There was reason to be concerned. The nodules had changed. They had disappeared! They were from infection after all, not cancer. I must have danced all the way home.

And the Rehab is going well, hard going but good. I can see improvements already.

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  • Ah thats great news xx

  • Brilliant news. I bet you were so relieved. xx

  • Ah that's great Cuddy well done :) xx

  • Great news. Good to hear the positives. x

  • Wow, great news now hopefully a great day for all

  • Waltz over to Kent Cuddy and we will paint the town together. So pleased for you. Have a good weekend.

  • FANTASTIC!!! xxx

  • Many thanks to all for sharing a great moment.

  • I can just imagen you skipping home! What wonderful news,bet you feel 20 years younger! xxx

  • Brilliant news xx

  • How fantastic for you! All to do now is look forward.

    Best wishes

  • Wonderful news. M

  • Brilliant news.

    Kim xxxx

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