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Update after seeing consultant

Hi all

Saw consultant Monday, first visit after getting diagnosed with emphysema, he does not think I have lung cancer as well, and has booked a routine c.t scan and test also took blood test to see if I have alpha 1 , I have been having problems with my throat I don't appear to have an infection but it feels like there is mucus in my throat that I can't cough up, doc gave me something for reflux and something else to push food through my system, but I still thing it's music, what's your thoughts?

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Do You take inhalers like seretide? I do and it is best to gargle after them as it can burn your throat and give you thrush which can give the feeling of goe in the throat?

I was tested for Anderson Farby because my problems matched.


Hi off cut, I'm not on any inhalers, consultant will wait for c.t results before deciding what action to take, with a bulla it might mean an operation


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