Swollen feet

I seem to have reached another complication of copd. This last few weeks I have noticed swollen feet. More the right one than the left for whatever reason. I am using oxygen. Anyone else get the swollen feet problem and how do you get on with it..I am going to ask my doctor for water tablets. When I can get an appointment. Wondering if holding water maybe also leading to more waterlogged lungs to make my breathing worse..

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  • Hi Derry I have swollen legs which apparently is caused by the emphysema I have. I take two water tablets each day on a permanent basis. This keeps the condition under control.

    Best regards, Bobby

  • Hi Derry,I have swollen feet and my right one more so than the left,so we have lots in common lol.I also suffer with swollen tum all related to Emphysema.I am on Ferosumide (water tabs 40mg a day)It does affect your breathing when your carrying fluid..

    Steroids can also make your feet swell..Take care Laura..

  • That is one thing I forgot porche296. I have a swollen tum also but thought that might be taking in air with emphysema. We breathe a bit different don't we. You could be right that could be water too. Thanks both for your replies. Looks like I am heading down the water tablet route when I get to the doctor. Better than everything swollen though...

  • i had in hospital doctor told me to keep moving my feel and ankles it worked for me ....

  • I was told by my doc that the kidneys are more sensitive than other organs to the lack of oxygen and as such are the first to show signs of failure for people with our condition which will lead to water retention. It can also be a warning sign for heart problems. As well as taking diuretics as prescribed it is a good idea to rest with your feet raised wherever practical. Hot weather is also a trigger for fat feet, sometimes I struggle to get my shoes on when it's hot. Hope you get sorted out..

  • Many thanks warwickstag. I have managed to see the doctor now and have been put on a mild dose of Furosemide (20mg). As I also have to take a calcium channel beta blocker it seems that is the likely reason for water retained although as you say one to watch is lack of oxygen. And although I am on oxygen for mobility it maybe that I am getting low on sats at times and too often. One to watch out for. thanks for the heads up about the kidneys...

  • Yes i get swollen reet ,legs and tummy ..not verry fetching look is it. ?? Im on 25 mgms pred for years so im told its that also on frusomide x 2 daily . Keep feet up when sitting down ,it does help .! Every new complaint you get seems to be put down to steroids but wouldnt be here without them !! Sue

  • yes its true what sue says, they put it down to steroids with me also,,,, my abdomen is like a balloon,and my feet/ankles swell , i get 2 =20mg frusemide a day,oxygen also, then they said it was left ventricle failure [heart failure] not as bad as it sounds,,it just means the heart is not pumping as it used too,,[but im an oap],,i was interested to read about the kidneys, as i only have one, luckily for me it seems to be working well,lol,, [and im not kiden ee:)] jimmy

  • Not sure which is worse, your health or your play on words. ;) ;)

    Nice to see you around, Jimmy. xx

  • Hi derrylinne, I have Furosemide (to make you pee), but still have swollen ankles. So I bought some compression socks from Amazon called 1000 mile compression socks. with those, I have no problem any more. Hope this helps By the way, neither GP or consultant will help. Just go ahead with compressions socks!

  • I only get swollen feet and ankles if I have not been to bed,or put them up,or it could be heart problems.i make sure I go to bed even for 2-3hours.

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