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Have been reading with interest answers to Hollybobs questions re Bronch. Four weeks now since broke my sternum. Have managed modified physi

o as too painful to do strenuous huffing and puffing. My question is I have hardly brought any mucous up (GP sounded lungs 2 weeks ago and they were clear) but I still worry as I judge taking ABs by colour of sputum. Luckily, I think normally I do not think I bring up as much as other people. Katie JJ

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Am I understanding your question right hun? You are concerned because you are not sure if the modified physio is not getting all the gunk up which is lurking around? I guess you need to compare it with what was norm for you before you broke your sternum. Is there a resp physio you could speak to about this?

It's a bummer when you can't do physio as norm and I feel for you. Hope you heal soon and can get back on an even keel.

Love cx


Hi Cofdrop, Thanks for your sensible answer (as ever). I think I did not phrase it correctly as am ditsier than normal due to morphine. Made a stupid decision yesterday to go without a couple of doses of it so could have a couple of pints with husband. Boy did I regret it slept 6 hours passing out with pain. Have hardly brought up any sputum till yesterday (4 weeks). I can ring physio at hospital but their attitude understandably would be to do the phsio as strenuously as usual. They should try it hurts a lot even with morphine. Will book appt with GP to have lungs checked, as he has given me a 10 week recovery time frame. Also does not prescribe\ unnecessary meds.

Will also do huffs and puffs casually all day Love K


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