Feel as if fumes are stuck in my lungs !!!

Hi all, I live in the countryside, and yesterday, had to travel to London as my brother is in hospital. I got off at Mile End station to change trains, and the fumes from the tunnel almost took my breath away. I have never had this before and still today, I can almost taste that awful smell. My lungs feel so 'full' of fumes, but I am not coughing. I wish I could cough to get it out. I have mild to moderate emphysema, not on any meds for this, and up until yesterday, have not needed any. Could this be the start of a 'next stage', or just coincidence. I am usually a very level headed person, and deal with worse health issues than this, but I know I'm not imagining it.

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  • Hi yes it is traffic fumes especially as your lungs aren't used to it! In London even the birds cough. Those with lung problems usually find any other form of pullutant affects them. I live in a small town and when I go into town proper my lungs feel very dodgy but I do cough a lot more unlike you. It's not nice is it? It is not your condition worsening. x

  • Hi couhgalot. I avoid going into London because of this.It's a wonder that the government has never tackled pollution knowing that it affects the people who vote for them!

    6161, Like you, I live in Kent. apparently there is an algae which is a protected species for scientific interest which enhances our breathing.

    Every time I have to go to London, it's so noticeable on the homeward journey how much fresher it feels outside the capital!

    Hope your brother gets better soon.

  • Thank you helingmic

  • Thanks coughalot, I used to live and work in London for many years, so was surprised at the effects. Seems, since I gave up smoking, my lungs are worse !!! My brother is often in hospital and my previous journeys were as a smoker, with no ill effects. Just goes to show how smoking masks everything.

  • You are not wrong 6161. I too lived in London for many years as a smoker. Mind you I used to cough my lungs out when walking down Euston Road to work! The traffic pollution there was horrendous. x

  • I have given up using the tube or walking in London. Buses and taxis with a scarf over my nose and mouth to try and keep the fumes out. I also drive into London more as with a blue badge you can apply for an exemption from the congestion charge. You do need to check each borough's rules on disabled parking though.

  • Thanks alanjudy, I do have blue badge but don't think I could drive around The center of London. Too crazy for me. But will cover my mouth and nose next time as still affected by it today.

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