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Hello everyone im new here


well ive been a welder for 31 years and have been suffering with my chest the past three, cant seem to shake this breathlessness of even tying my laces is a mamouth job. Had my first hospital visit three years ago, had bloods taken xray done, bit of shadowing on my lung but they said that was normal given what i do for a living. Havent been feeling to good these past three weeks, coughing, rattling chest etc so the wife booked me in at the drs and he sent me for an urgent chest xray which i had done today. Ive been feeling quite positive minded till i seen the radiographers face when she had my xray on the screen, she must have clocked that i had seen her as she turned round and gave me a smile. So thats my story. I did want to ask how long till the results get sent through to my gp? Thanks

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Its about a week .. If you hear from your doc b4 you get in touch with them .. Thats when be tad concernd

Cheers Hope all go's well

Thanks Daz, the wife keeps saying its stress related, maybe she has a point there

Hi cutter67. Welcome to the forum. :)

Thanks Puff (no offence intended)

Hi cutter67

Try not to worry too much. The likelihood is it's not as bad as you fear and you need to stay positive. I would be pretty upset with the doctor a few years ago that said the shadowing was to be expected given you are a welder. I don't know much but that sounds just plain wrong to me. There are a lot of knowledgeable and understanding people on this site that will support you while you are waiting for your results and beyond if you need them. Chin up.

Thanks Rozi I'm sure it will be fine, I'm just worn out feel so lethargic. Yep he said he's seen a lot of welders over the years. I'm just glad I went and got this X-ray done as I don't like to make a fuss, maybe that's a man thing

Hi cutter I had a chest x ray back in January and was told it takes 3 weeks for results, try not to worry, my cousin was a welder and he's got copd, had heaps of tests, looking for all sorts and it turned out to be copd. Your wife sounds good and supportive, try not to do too much of the man thing x

Hi Medow I will try, I just want to know what's causing this and to be given some medication or something to make the breathing easier. Hope your doing ok


Hi Cutter nice to meet you and welcome to the site. I had a chest x-ray done very recently and was told it would be with my doctors in 3 days. I got a letter in that time from the surgery saying it was fine (well apart from the copd that is :) ). Try not to worry. As my old mum used to say 'don't meet trouble halfway'. There might be nothing wrong but if there is come straight back in and tell us and we will help in any way we can. Between all of us we are experts in lung disease! Good luck with it. x


Hi cutter,a welcome from myself also!

You have had a good input here,so I'll leave it at that.

Let us know,what the Doc.tells you xx

Hi and welcome. Whenever you get your results come back and we will support you and give you as much advice as possible. On the internet check out pursed lip breathing techniques and they will help you whilst you wait for your results. You may get a referral to a pulmonary Physio to be shown further techniques to help you. Very best of luck.


Thanks all for your input, much appreciated

It all depends on the results and the if they are linked to the hospital etc. It should not be longer than 10 days but you could call the GP surgery and ask them.

I had the same in 2010 when I rang them I was told it was fine but this year they told me I had double pneumonia when they looked again?

Hi Offcut doesn't sound good. I did have some shadowing on lung when they done a chest X-ray three years ago but I was just given a blue inhaler, I've not felt right since then but I just get on with it the best I can

Well just heard the report was completed yesterday now just waiting for the results, feeling a tad nervous

Hi cutter 67

First job i ever had! Fitter welder and did it for many years before i took up driving.

I see people doing it now dressed like spacemen and can see why? If only we knew back then.

Like you i went for xrays and i did get a phone call from drs two days later to come in immediately! As you can immagine i nearly $### my pants i was lucky i only had fluid in my left lung due to nasty infection anti biotics and steroids got that bugger though.

chin up the good people on here and the BLF will look after us and give us a kick up the bum when we get depressed.

good luck with

Hi Bob must admit I long ditched the breathing gear regret it now though. Glad they got you sorted how's things now?

Hi Cutter,welcome to this marvellous site.You don,t mention smoking.Hope you don,t but if you do please do everything you can to give up as that is one thing we all know will slow the progress of Copd and lung disease generally.The best of luck and let us know how you get on .D.

Hi Farmer never smoked in my life, rarely drink.

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