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Afternoon fellow sufferers.

Have a question if anybody can help x

Had an appointment with the WCA i arrived to find out they had cancelled

a 60 mile round trip

i phoned and complained and also sent a form of complaint to them ATOS i have had a very nice letter back and also in the letter they say they have advided the DWP That i meet the criteria for inclusion into a support group......My question is What is a support group ???????

Can anybody help me out here.

Thanks Andy From Wet Windy Raining old Wiltshire x

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Are you on ESA,,if so there are 2 catagories, one is work/ support, and the other is just support,,I am just going onto the support only group,after a 2 yr fight,,also money wise its about £5 a wk more, what happens on the support i,ve yet to find out,,i go through a company called Prospect,rather than the jobcentre,,i think its a bit easier,,You can always google ESA and read about the support/work and support. hope this is a little bit of help for you,,

from Chrissie from a dry and cloudy Dorset....


Thankyou Chrissie i have been on ESA since April 2013


Hi Andy, you have been placed in the Support group which means no interviews and an acceptance that you cannot work because of your illness/disability. See below:

"Following your Work Capability Assessment you’ll be placed in either the work-related activity group or support group if you’re entitled to ESA.

Work-related activity group

You must go to regular interviews with an adviser who can help with things like job goals and improving your skills.

Support group

You don’t have to go to interviews, but you can ask to talk to a personal adviser. You’re usually in this group if your illness or disability severely limits what you can do."


Thanks Toci yes I did read all that but didnt really understand lol but it is clearer now .


It is possible that even if you are in the Work related group you have only to attend the initial interview. If it is obvious to the Job Centre staff that you are not fit for work at the moment they will not require to attend any more interviews. My sister was in that group with severe osteoarthritis. The Jobcentre saw her the once and said no way could she work at that time. She later appealed and got into the Support group. Good luck with it. x


True it is I have been in that group for a year coughalot1 now I am in the other group what ever that entails lol


I appealed and was put in support group. Which as the others have said you do not go for work related interviews. They have the right to see you when ever they deem fit. If you are on the work related ESA and you supply a sick note (not longer than 3 months) then you do not have to attend an interview.

They are trying to do a 12 month review on all ESA claimants but that has not gone as planned. I was told that I would have to be reassessed but they have said recently that it will continue but given no dates?

Be Well


Thanks Offcut


Do you think they put you in the support group because they didn't turn up for your assessment ?


I wish no they got a report from my doctors and have recommended me for the support group


oh I see what does WCA stand for


Work Capability Assessment.