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Hiya guy's, me again lol. Had O.H.N. from Adult social services round yesterday for a home assessment for additional aids in the home

She's going to write a report as I can't manage the stairs now,need a Stairlift £6-7000 got double curved stairs,& separate shower/wet room bathroom remodelled approx £10,000,has anyone else had to apply for a D.F.G if so how did you get on? Take care and breathe easy Aidi :-)

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Aidi hi, I applied for stairlift to be fitted too, waiting now for assessment.. Take care

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Hi philbal,good luck with your assessment Aidi :-)

Social Services fitted me a stairlift.

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We had a stairlift and a wetroom done by social service about 4 years ago, they look into your finances and depending on how much savings you have, you may or may not have to pay something towards it. Sorry don't know figures, things change so quickly.

Hope you get it done soon, it has been wonderful for us :-)

polly xx

Hiya polly,I know that if I get the adaptations done it will certainly make a difference to me. As regards my finances, there welcome to look into my overdraft lol,and as for savings what are they like?I've got kid's lol. Im afraid every penny goes quicker than ot comes in lol. You take care and will keep you posted Aidi x :-)

So how will your £16,000 be funded?

Through the Disability Funding Grant, this is what my O.H.N told me as it's the only way I could have it done. Also l went through my local Adult social services to be able to get the referal. Hope this helps. Aidi :-)

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