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Doctors in Poland illegally paid to prescribe Seretide

I reckon Smith Glaxo Kline should be paying me, the amount of Seretide I get through and contribute to their ginormous profits. My GP asked me other week if I thought it helped and when I said no but I take it anyway, he said that at least I was helping keep the economy afloat and gave me a shedload of repeat prescriptions! Onward and upward....

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I always wondered why, on being diagnosed with COPD, I was given 6 inhalers - 4 of which it turns out I did not need!

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I never found seritide helped even when dr "whacked" it up to 500 ido find atrovent helpful though x

Doctor didn't recommend any of the alternatives either!


All Doctors are given 'perks'be it holidays,tickets,or whatever,from the pharmaceutical company's,it's big business,so what's new? The company's have to dangle the carrots,to get the medicos to write the scripts for there products. Has been done for years! Love Wendells xxx

Yes, it's not news. Started me thinking about how much money copd'ers make for big pharma and how much actual benefit we get from these expensive drugs. In some cases, I think that a treadmill and a set of hand weights would save the nhs a fortune.


I was told Seretide is £50.00? I have now been told to come off it has I have RLD and it has no benefit for me?

GSK are very generous donating money in supporting the BLF not all bad news they deserve some credit for these actions show both sides of a story. Often have difficulty getting all of my inhalers bribing doctors in other countries is strange when we have shortages.

I take your point, but you would expect a large multinational to donate as they make a helluva lot of money and it's good PR. I also accept that seretide works for some but they just dish them out if you have COPD. Offcut above says that they're £50 a shot!

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