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Great Ayton North Yorkshire

Great Ayton North Yorkshire

Just an idea I had about putting faces to names, there is a farm just outside Great Ayton North Yorkshire, they do caravanning and camping.

Now I realise not everybody will be well enough and that money can be a struggle but as a community helping one another awnings can be up and tents can be pitched and as a community group camp site it could be a bit of light relief for those who could come along, a weekend in the summer so families could join in with the children maybe ?

Prices are good, there is designated area for a camp fire and BBQ, views are spectacular, food is available from the farmhouse ( breakfast, etc ) , there is electric hook up for the caravans.

I have posted a link, please let me know if you would be interested in joining in ? maybe even lifts could be organised and equipment loaned or shared, as I say it's just an idea at the moment but it could become more than this if there was enough interest.

£12.50 a night for up to 4 people, £2.50 per head after that, electric hook up £2.50. no electric for tents, prices are same for every night,


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Hi Peter...only just seen your post.

On a practical level, (my own circumstances - no transport, live alone) it might be difficult for folk to even travel to a destination. I don't have holidays anymore but still, I absolutely love your idea of meeting up with others here for exactly that. Lovelight


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