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Weekend Wit - Enjoy


A bloke gets in his new Porsche and takes it for a spin.

After a few mile, he sees his elderly neighbours vintage Austin 7 broken down on the hard shoulder.

Though not really wanting to stop he did the neighbourly thing and pulls over to offer his assistance

After a while it was obvious the old car wasn't going to start, so offered to tow him back home, saying to the old man to flash his lights if he thought he was towing him to fast, then he would slow down.

As they were trundling along a young lad pulled alongside the Porsche in a gleaming new Ferrari, gestures at the Porsche driver and sped off.

Disgruntled the Porsche driver puts his foot down to catch the Ferrari driver and they end up racing each other.

They pass a police check point where an officer was quietly sat in his police car. The copper is amazed by what he sees and phones the station to speak to his Sargent. ....

Hey Sarge your not gonna believe this but I've just seen a Porsche & Ferrari racing along the road doing at least 150 MPH....

The Sargent interrupts well get after them then, and arrest them both......

But sarge he continues to say....

There's a little old man in an old Austin 7 right behind them flashing his lights blowing his horn, and waving his arms frantically trying to get past !!!!

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Nice funny start to the weekend Plumbob

:D :D


Had a good chuckle over that,good one xxx

Hehe. It's the image it creates. Very funny ! :)

That's very sweet!

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