Had my support worker visit today and she's told me that apparently the people/decision makers who currently have the contract are giving it

up"as they are unable to cope with the job anymore as it's causing to much stress"! This is the"Trained Staff"who decide whether or not we get the additional help(financial/care etc.) that we need! Now if these people are struggling to cope, how the b!@#$y hell do they think we manage??????it just beggars belief. It's going to be interesting to see what happens when someone else takes over the contract, see if they are able to 1-cope and 2-make a sensible decision based on the simple facts about our health conditions. Has anyone else heard about this as would be interested in finding out more. You all take care and breathe easy Aidi :-)

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  • I assume you are talking about ATOS Aidi. Capita are already doing some of the work and they were talking about G4 and we all know what a mess they have made with security and prisons. Don't think it really makes a difference who does the assessments as they have to do it t the bidding of the DWP and IDS.


  • Can't possibly think what you mean about G4 lol,I wasn't aware that capita were already doing some of the work. I suppose at the end of the day though it's not really going to matter who does it because they'll still decide that we don't need any further help. It's like I commented on another post, while Prince Harry is making t.v programmes with injured soldiers climbing up mountains and saying look at what we can do, there's no hope for the rest of us.im not slating our troops but they are well looked after by the relevant forces pension etc on top of everything else that they get. At the end of the day they choose to do that line of work-we don't choose to get a terminal debilitating illness!! Anyway I digress, sorry, we will have to be patient and see what happens. Take it easy Aidi :-)

  • The government have been advertising for a replacement for ATOS for some time now, with no takers, but ATOS are continuing until the new providers are in place. The press releases I've seen do not indicate there will be an overhaul of the stupid system, only that it will cost the tax payers MORE to implement should another company take it over. I mean, who would really want their brand name to be as tarnished as that of ATOS?

  • It's not good in the States either. My mom is so low income and avoids the doctors because of the cost and she has insurance! It's sickening we all suffer while the rich get all the care they need. It's the same with the justice system here. If you are wealthy, you get off with no prison time. Otherwise, severe punishment for an equal crime. So unfair.

  • From what I read it seems that most assessments are taking 18 months to happen now and that will not improve for some time. It will very much depend if they are going to use the same boxes to tick ,if we see any major changes.

    What annoys me is the people that do the assessment only need a 3 week course/training to be classed as a health care assessor. Which could make a poor decision costly to the claimant causing long term financial problems of which you have no recourse. It happened to me!

    Why they cannot get the NHS to do the assessment and pay them what they paid ATOS which was millions and they need the money more.

  • I couldn't agree with you more about the nhs offcut, and I bet the monkeys that they've "TRAINED"werent paid millions probably more like peanuts! The whole thing is just a circus being run by idiots and it's the ppl like us that are the ones who have to suffer the consequences of it all, I mean it's not like we're asking for anything extra we just want what we are entitled to or is that to simple a thing to comprehend???? Breathe easy and take care x :-) Aidi

  • Atos are a IT company tick boxes have no medical knowledge and don't need any the contract was so lucrative.

    G4 are a security group they did the Olympics and the army had to come in and save the day they run some prisons you have read about the roof top campaign where the inmates got on the roof. They also escort prisoners from prison to court and are not particularly good at that.

  • Lol, like I've said run by idiots and operated by monkeys. Surely whoever takes it over can't do any worse?????????Or could they lol again, only time will tell my friends. You all take care and breathe easy Aidi :-)

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