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joke of the day

i came down into the kitchen to find my other half standing at the cooker -wearing nothing but the T -shirt & boiling the eggs,

she turned round and said to me "i want you to make love to me this very moment "

I thought this must be my lucky day & gave it my all right there on the kitchen table

in due course she returned to the cooker

I said to her "what was all that about ?"

she said the egg timer's broken.

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How naughty but nice made me smile us females are so good at multitasking :o Janexx

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very good thank you x


I hope he doesn't fix the egg timer,lol! xxx


get the egg times fixed lol,, xxxx good one:)


Very funny! Xx


I foundit very funny



Hilarious! I laughed out loud at this one! I just discovered it a few minutes ago. The guys ego must have been a bit dented at being used as an egg timer.!


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