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Hiring a POC

Hi all, today I phoned airliquide (who supply my husbands liquid oxygen) to ask if they rent POC's, they told me they would require a letter or something from the oxygen clinic to tell them what he needs, has anyone else used airliquide for hiring a POC.

Also, I got quotes from Pure 02 and TENS medical for £175 for a weeks hire of a POC, is this about right?

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If Air Liquide are to supply you with a POC, your husband probably needs to be assessed first by his Respiratory Team to ensure he could safely use one.

POC's are usually pulse operated and not everyone can receive Oxygen this way. If he is deemed to be ok, his Respiratory Nurse just needs to send a HOOF (holiday request form) to Air Liquide for it to be delivered.

I was quoted £190 from Pure O2 to rent a SeQual Eclipse for one week. Two weeks is £240. My Oxygen intake is 5litres ambulatory.


My husband is uses demand 2, that's all we know, quite new to this, would airliquide provide a POC for free?, he has a flight assessment next month, the more I can find out the better. Thanks


My oxygen company will provide holiday equipment free - for UK only, not allowed to take it out of the country. If you are going abroad you have to organise your own and will need your prescription (HOOF) to prove useage and to ensure the equipment hired is fit for purpose.

Not sure but, aren't poc's all pulsed? If your hasband is 'on demand' he may not be suitable for a poc.

Sorry Dangirl, you just said that.


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